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    ★ Hinacchi ★ 19 years old ★ Italian Cosplayer ★ Love Live and League of Legends addicted ★ FB; ★ DA: NEXT COSPLAY! ★ Nonon Jakuzure (Kill la Kill) ★ Umi Sonoda (Love Live!) ★ Astrid (How to train your dragon) ★ Frostfire Annie (League of Legends) ★ Satsuki Kyuruin (Kill la Kill)
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    Facebook: DeviantART: Twitter:
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    My official account ► Facebook : ► Instagram : @tanputra /
  • Italy
    HAYOOO!!! i'm italian cosplayer!! I love anime/manga and cat (=^ェ^=) facebook: tumblr: (but I don't use often tumblr) (ʃ˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ) =^● ⋏ ●^=
  • Mexico
    Hello, I´m a cosplayer from Mexico, I been doing cosplay since 2009, and I always try to improve myself :D, I hope you enjoy my work :3 I you follow me I´ll follow you :D Facebook Page:
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    W E L C O M E everyone! (≧▽≦)ゞ INFOS〜 Italian, 20 years old ● Cosplayer since 2009 ● Studies languages at University ● Loves HardRock&Metal music ● Photoshop&SonyVegas User ● LINKS〜 DA: YT: LJ:
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    My site: My fan Facebook: My shop: My deviantart:
  • Italy
    Hi! I'm Becchan, nice to meet you ;3 DA: Flickr: Photography Page: Anime/Manga;Cosplay;Drawing;Videogames
  • Italy
    Greta | 16 | Italy Cosplay, books, anime, manga, indie horror, boy's love, cute stuff, tea, cats, megane and yellow eyes lover ~ ☆
  • Italy
    こんいちはみんなさん!(≧▽≦)♥ I'm Shirin, 25 years old, italian, university student... and cosplayer since 2008 (≧3≦)ノ I'm currently obsessed with Dangan Ronpa, Kill la Kill, K Project, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Evangelion, Slam Dunk, Magi, Tiger & Bunny, Kuroko no Basket, Kaiji, Yu Yu Hakusho, Macross Frontier, Elsword and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ My FB Page:
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  • Italy
    Kon'nichiwa pepole! :3 i try to be an italian cosplayer here in this site :') i especially love pokemon in my life, but i'm a super fan of rosario + vampire, sailor moon and black butler too :3 hope you like my profile and my pictures! have fun.. ~capu chuu
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    Official Page : Twitter: Ask Me in : "YoRefa is Everyone's" Alliance in order to maintain some level of peace among his admirers. Try to Solve Problem With "integrity" Bravery is The First you can do it ^_^ Let's Handle it Together ! Nothing But... Help Each Other ^_^ is My Best Ways To Live..... 很高興認識你www