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    Artist, Pirate, Cinefile, Cosplayer, Dungeon Crawler, Entertainer, Story Teller FaceBook - Instagram -
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    S.Korea Cosplayer(중부권 코스어) Twitter : E-mail :
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    Hi all !!! i am a french cosplayer you can follow me on : See you all ^^
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    Japan ▲BLOG ▲Cosplayer's Archive ▲CURE ▲LayerCloud ▲Twitter ▲「化物語」Cosplay photo ROM (2012 summer)
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    Hideki Sagara ;) DA: Facebook:
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    かなメと申します  eight(ID:210714)と一緒に気ままなコスプレ活動をしています 現在「K」で礼猿写真集もやってます ご興味あったら是非^^ twitter@kaname_520
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    Hello Minna-tachi, Kasena from Indonesia Fb: Insta:
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    I'm a photographer based in the United States. Flickr: FaceBook:
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    Hi, This is Saron, living in Shanghai and Tokyo. Its' amazing to know you so prettier and handsome here. May could have more contact and understanding with you wonderful people. Thank you so much for your appreciation. weibo: 散香
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    Hello! ^_^ I'm Sayla, a Chinese-Canadian Cosplayer ^_^ If you like my stuff, feel free to follow me on Facebook, deviantART and Instagram. 大家好!^_^ 我是Sayla, 来自中国的加拿大人。 如果您喜欢我的cosplays,欢迎随时跟着我在 Facebook,deviantART 和 Instagram 上。 Facebook: DeviantART: Instagram: @saylacosplay
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    Japanese Cameco.
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    Hi my name's Dzung, a cosplayer from Texas, United States of America. I started cosplaying since 2012. My favorite things about cosplaying is making props and talking to the cosplay community.
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    Hey guys, I am a photographer and Photoshop crazy from Singapore. My works are still far from the true masters, but I hope you still enjoy it. Cheers! 大家好,我是来自新加坡的摄影师。希望大家多多原谅我不完美的*照骗*。よろしくお願いします。 【Web】 【Facebook】 【G+】 【Twitter】 【Instagram】