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翔冰 (siao)
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  • Finland
  • Malaysia
    Hi..I'm Edmira from Malaysia, obviously. Start cosplaying from 2015. I'll appreciate the follow,thanks.
  • Namibia
  • Viet Nam
  • Taiwan
  • hic
    From Taipei Taiwan. 台湾のレイヤーです、現在はリア充なので、写真の更新はちょと遅いwww 好きな作品は神風怪盗ジャンヌと魔法騎士レアス 嫁、本命★ランカ・リー よく使ってる: Face Book: CURE: Site:
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
    大家好!我是優尼(澨君) 來自台灣,喜歡少年熱血、奇幻、獵奇、生存等系列作品 歡迎指教! I am Uni(Shi) I like Cosplay very much!
  • United States
    I'm Okami. Yoroshiku !! You can message me here on World Cosplay if you want to chat with me or ask a question. Its ok if you want to practice English with me ^^ I am a beginner cosplayer , otaku , anime fanboy , animal lover I like to cosplay just for the fun of it ^^ My cosplays are not very good haha XD I hope I can improve you can add me on FB if you want ^^ languages : English and Spanish
  • Indonesia
    ★Official Page : ★Twitter: ★Ask Me in : "YoRefa is Everyone's" Alliance in order to maintain some level of peace among his admirers. Try to Solve Problem With "integrity" Bravery is The First you can do it ^_^ Let's Handle it Together ! Nothing But... Help Each Other ^_^ is My Best Ways To Live.....
  • Kau
  • Japan
    ご覧下さりありがとうございます!! 懐かしい作品から流行りジャンルまで幅広くコスプレしてます。 最近はコスプレを作品として表現したいと思い活動をしています。 カメラマン様、画像編集者様、またイラストレーター様などコスプレの作品作りに賛同し興味のある方とぜひお近づきになりたいです(*^o^*) お気軽にお声掛け下さい。 Twitter= Hello. I am a costume play year in Japan! The costume play name is Chirac. I want to talk with costume play ears of the world. Please get along well! Take a voice in Twitter! English is all right!*\(^o^)/*
  • North Korea
  • Italy
  • Yue
  • Taiwan
    跨過第二年朝向第三年前進 角色依舊稀少 本人是個超大隻所以不否認照片有修身材