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来夢 (RAIMU)
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Japan
    やものっく。 blog: ARCHIVE: Cure:
  • Taiwan
    噗浪: 小攝影一隻
  • Taiwan
    大家好~ 我是風殷 >w<)/ 本職(?)是繪手一枚 2014年11月開始踏入cos圈 還請各位多多指教!! 自介↓ 主要出沒地點↓ ◎PLURK ◎Twitter ◎pixiv
  • South Korea
    glad to meet you~! ^ ^ Like : Magi, phycho-pass,Haikyu, One Piece, Tower of God, Cyphers, EXO. Game of Throne, The Lord Of The Ring, DC COMICS etc.
  • Canada
    Hey! I'm a newbie cosplayer from Canada. Nice to meet you! My sewing skills are still at a beginner level, but my strengths are wig cutting/styling, makeup, and customization and alteration of existing garments. I hope to improve on my cosplaying skills! Seeya around! ( ̄∇ ̄) My links:
  • Slovakia
    Hello.. Soo.. I am a beginner cosplayer and I will try to be good enough.. I hope you will like my cosplays :))
  • Kya
    Hi! I'm Kya, an Italian cosplayer since 2000 I hope to meet new people and maybe new friends! You can also find me here ^_^ DEVIANTART COSPLAY.COM
  • Russia
    Hi, I'm a cosplayer from Moscow, Russia. I'm a beginner in cosplay😊 I am a pianist, a little singer and artist, and Kazekage of my lovely cosband Pandora:3 I hope you'll enjoy my works! Welcome:3
  • Japan
    Hello! I'm Libra! Thank you for visit. I am not good at English. I am 18 years old. I am a Japanese costume playear. I began a costume play, and one year passed. Nice to meet you! follow flee! コスプレ始めて一年経ちました! 最近は衣装制作勉強中です! Like ・サイコパス ・東京喰種 ・月刊少女野崎君 ・黒執事 ・進撃の巨人 ・マギ ・刀剣乱舞 ・ラブライブ! ・まどマギ ・ハイキュー‼︎ ・ダイヤのA ・暗殺教室 ・pandora hearts ・ダンガンロンパ ・CCさくら ・A/Z ・凪あす ・ハマトラ ・境界の彼方 ・ペルソナ3、4 ・残響のテロル ・結界師 ・D.grayman etc...
  • China
    Part-time Photographer In Dalian. Weibo: FB:
  • Japan
    初めまして。雅人と申します! 男装メインに主に岡山でゆるゆるとコスプレしてます。 好きな作品を好きなだけ、好きなときに。 アーカイブ、Twitterもしておりますのでこちらでも宜しくお願いします。 archive: Twitter:
  • ryo