Diemer (Diemer)
My DA: http://tiagodiemer.deviantart.com/

How are you? AH XD, I almost forgot, hehe, my name is Diemer,I'm cosplayer since 2005, I worked hard making costumes over the years and now I look back and see everything I did and I myself am surprised I did not think I could do what I can manage, then I would share with you, hope to make many friends here and enjoy your work ( Sorry for my English, i am working in this too XD)

OBS. I am world cosplay summit brazil representative in 2014
  • WorldCosplay No.18836
  • NicknameDiemer
  • Gender Male
  • Country/RegionRepública Federativa do Brasil
  • Birthday 11/29
  • 네타
  • Umeko
  • 愛 ゴスロリ
  • Roxii
  • Mih Lightning
  • kk
  • Natsu D Gajeel
  • Yuni
  • 永崎遼
  • Gustavo Dos Anjos
  • Som [ส้ม]
  • Pri Suicun
  • REN
  • Cyrouge Franz
  • バラ
  • Akai Tenshi
  • Rafa-san
  • Little Girl
  • Nanashi
  • I-Сoma
  • Juns
  • UJOdoRS
  • Photographer at UJO
  • Bruna Crona
  • Miih
  • DurinHeart