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Viviane Sutcliff (Deidarasux)
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  • China
    皆さん、こんにちは、あたしはLuciferです。 中国行ってきました、皆さんがあたしのCOSPALYを好む願っています。 ☆【Weibo】: ☆【Weibo】:
  • Ukraine
    More photos on my DeviantArt: My diary:
  • Brazil
    hi ^^
  • Brazil
    Você não tem que me perdoar... Não importa o que você decida fazer a partir de agora, eu sempre vou te amar. You do not have to forgive me ... No matter what you decide to do from now on, I'll always love you. あなたは私を許すことはありません...あなたが今から行うことにしたかに関係なく、私はいつもあなたを愛しています。
  • Brazil
    Oi eu sou a Ligaia, sou cosplayer, figurinista e maquiadora profissional. Bem vindo(a) ao meu profile =). Conheça também o meu website:
  • Brazil
    Hello, I am Henrique, Borned in São paulo - Tatuí, I won't speak much, because I don't speak English much, if anypeople want talk to me, add on facebook Thank you (: Olá, Eu sou o Henrique, sou de Tatuí - São paulo, se alguém gostou dos cos e quiser manter contato, adiciona no face obrigado (:
  • Brazil
  • Brazil
    Hi guys! I'm Mohara, 18 years old and brazillian =D I love so much Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, yaoi and diney ♥ Well... I do my best for my cosplays... so, I hope you like >~< (Sorry for the bad english >^<) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥
  • Brazil
    Hi, I'm Camila but you can call me Ayame ^^. I'm Brazilian cosplayer, a person a little crazy, but they just want to make friends. Kisses ^^ こんにちは、私はカミラだけど、あなたは私があやめ呼び出すことができます。私はブラジルのコスプレ、ちょっとクレイジーな人間だが、彼らはただの友達を作りたいです。キス DA: Cure: Facebook Page:
  • Brazil
    From Sao Paulo, Brazil. 21 years old Cosplayer about 8 years. Gamer, musician, red haired, jazz dancer and pole dancer. and I'd love to upload photos of more cosplay but the caracthers aren't listed by the site yet u__u
  • Japan
    【LOVE】 聖闘士星矢 ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 戦国 【WEB】
  • Brazil
    >.< *shame* [Store] [Facebook Store] (like it, please >w<) [Facebook] [Twitter]!/Thaby95 [Orkut] <3
  • Brazil
    Welcome to view my cosplays *O* Thanks for 500 <3 guys *u*, i'm very grateful ><' My deviantart:
  • United States
    Hi to all cosplayers I am Michelle Monigue I heard lots of people talking about worldcosplay so I thought I should join so like what you see and enjoy I am a cosplay photographer Deviantart: Youtube: My Website: Facebook: