Danilo Duarte Photo

My name is Danilo Duarte Cosplayers, Festivities and Events Photographer. born and raised in São Paulo. I started my career as a photographer in 2017, Since then I have been studied and worked to improve myself, I want to record everything that is important for people, this is the brand I want to leave.
  • WorldCosplay No.680412
  • Gender Male
  • Country/RegionRepública Federativa do Brasil
  • Andrea Tanaka
  • Tsundere-chan
  • [ヂアシャン]
  • Maya F
  • Prih
  • Maziviero Cosplay
  • Lís  Clíodhna
  • Kim Lima
  • Tamy Tsuki Chan
  • Thamylei
  • Mestre -Kame
  • A
  • Caah Figueiredo