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    hello I share my beautiful cosplay hobby and hope you like it because all this is with much love <3
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    We're all Mad here! ¯\_〳 •̀ o •́ 〵_/¯ Mad Craft + Mad Plans + Mad Roleplay + Mad Friends + Duck = Madduck!
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to my profile ( ̄▽ ̄)/♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪
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    Hi ^^ Nice to meet you <З I'm Haruhiko. Cosplayer from Russia. Favorite fandom Gintama and Hakuoki. Best wishes *з* Always ready to communicate!
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    Ordinary Malaysian Cosplayer who's Lifeless (●´・ω・)ノ(●´・ω・)ノ
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    大家好 ^^ 這裡是秋,是來自香港的coser ♡ 日後請大家多多指教!希望你們會喜歡我的coaplay >< Hi (〃∀〃)♡ I am Aki from Hong Kong Hope you will like my cosplay ^^ Facebook page ;
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    Hey.w So, nice to meet you all(。・`ω´・) I came from China but now I am living in N.Y. You may called me Masahiro/Chang, or make up new nickname upon these two.w? Hope that I'll get to know more people.(*•̀ㅂ•́)و 于是这里是昌皓w大家来勾搭我吧~!(喂 weibo: cure: