Corver Lim (corver)
  • Hong Kong
    Hi, This is Andrew Liu From Hong Kong , and hope you like the Sephiroth and Hihawk which I cosplay. cheers. Please feel free to check our page about Final Fantasy VII And My Page ~ 片翼天使
  • Malaysia
    coser画者一起做www 【 P網: 】 【T网:】 請大家多多指教 (鞠躬)
  • Malaysia
    嗨!大家好~ 我是Aiki>< 动漫迷一个,腐女一个XDDD 请大家多多指教哦^~^ Hi~ I am Aiki-des >~< & I Love Cosplay XDDD
  • Japan
    そらとすぐる、と申します。オールジャンルを日本・関東でまったり活動中。無断転載DL禁止。 Twitter My HP _________ Please do not use any images ( artworks and photos on my site&blog) on your site without permission.Please do not reproduce without prior permission.If found, access from your country will be disabled, and we will have to introduce a password system to this gallery. _
  • Japan
    ( 'ω' و(و"
  • Japan
    好≫≫喰種、銀魂、艶漢、進撃、鬼徹、ワンピ、ヴィランズ手下、ズートピア 加工厨です。気軽に絡んで下さい( ・ᴗ・ ) どうぞよろしくお願い致します! Love≫Tokyo Ghoul,Gintama,Adekan,Attack on titan,Hozuki no Reitetsu,ONEPIECE,Villans, Zootpia etc. I look forward to many splendid photographs! Please feel free to talk to me. Thank you. Twitter/@ds_030 archive/358974
  • Ukraine
    Hello! I'm Sai ! I'm a cosplayer from Ukraine (๑•͈ᴗ•͈) I'm not only coser ,I'm a cosplay photographer too!I hope you will like my works~ ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) Moar my work on social networks: ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆
  • Singapore
    "I like to shoot at night mostly. Mostly." - Mezame, Harbinger of Epic Images Based in Singapore, Mezame is a photographer who blends special effects with reality to create epic images that tell stories. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Email:
  • Hong Kong
    大家好,這裡夜影,是來自香港的cosplayer。 目前重心專注在刀劍亂舞的光忠沼w 尚多有不足,希望你會喜歡我出的COS,請多多指教~ Hi~Here is Yeii, a cosplayer from Hong Kong. I'm now focusing on Mitsutada who is from ToukenRanbu. Nice to meet you & Hope you will like my cosplay^^ (′・∀・『)Facebook Page: (′・∀・『)Facebook:
  • PAT
    I'am Pat .Cosplayer and costume makerfrom thailand WCS 2010 and 2012(Make props) 1st ACM 2012 I write tutorial about to make costume in Cosmode Thailand Magazine. thank you to make me friend ^^ Facebook : Facebook Fanpage :
  • Japan
    CureCosplayCollection運営事務局です。 定期開催のCureCosplayCollection@animate池袋本店ほか コスプレコレクション運営に関するご連絡をいたします。 2016年度のCureCosplayCollection予定 アニメイト池袋本店
  • Taiwan
    Hello, I'm Chun, from Taiwan Coser Thank enthusiasts who like my work I wish you all have a nice day 你好,我是Chun, 來自台灣 Coser 謝謝喜歡我作品的同好們 祝福大家有美好的一天 facebook: 半次元: weibo: twitter: IG: drawcrowd:
  • Malaysia
    Welcome to my profile~ Photographer located at Malaysia. 大家好,这里是马来西亚野生的摄影师一只~ Will be more active and posting most of the photos in FB and flickr :3 FB: Weibo: flickr:
  • Australia
    You can call me Knite. I'm a Greek cosplayer residing in Sydney, Australia! よろしくお願いします! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
  • Russia
    Фанат серии игры Final Fantasy Сам косплеем не занимаюсь, но хочу увидеть работы по ним. Спасибо за внимание.
  • Kei
    Photographer/Creator/Cosplayer ~since 2016~