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  • Singapore
    I goes by the nick of Cutepetz and I cosplay as a hobby however Im slowing down due to work and studies. I still love cosplaying but will probably do it when I have more time. ^^ Hope you like my gallery.
  • South Korea
    Hello :3 I'm a korean cosplayer! I love anime ,costum and dance I'm very excited as l have never don worldcosplay before 8^8 Please do me a favor from now on^0^♥ 남부권코스어 초아입니다:D♥ 카스나 블로그에서 활동중이구 최아름으로 활동하구있습니다ㅎㅎ 잘부탁드려요~
  • South Korea
    Hello! I am korea cosplayer. Nice to meet you.
  • Russia
    ★ Elena, 20 y.o., born in Belarus, live in Russia. Nice to meet you! :) DA: Instagram:
  • South Korea
    Hello my name is coyo cosplayer in korean nice too meet you( /ㅡㅂㅡ)/♥ 안녕하세요! 02년생 코스어 코요입니다^^ 중부권에서 활동하고있어요 잘부탁드려요~!
  • Ai
    South Korea
    한국인 코스어 반갸입니다! Twitter @YujixAi 銀魂 韓国人 コスプレイヤー バンギャです! [SuG ν[NEU] カメレオ] xxxHOLIC, 銀魂, 君と僕。ETC
  • China
    大家好,我是中国的COSER。 CN:秀吉(yoshi) 现在生活在新加坡 微博:秀吉-三月回来看樱花 夜露死苦 HIHI, I am a China coser cos name is yoshi ( is the Japanese) and live in Singapore now can speak English, Chinese and some Japanese Facebook: Emily Xu nice to meet you 030 PS: 因为是留学生,目前生活在美丽的新加坡,喜欢------東方project/JOJO/AKB48/道具手作派/热门里面找冷门/夏目友人帳/lovelive/急速宅男 ------希望大家喜欢我
  • Malaysia
    =此喵大爱三文鱼(喂! =于是大家都是叫这只-喵/Thyra =这喵对英文没辙呢 =喵是道地JB人,可是真心是路痴 =喵很怕生可是对混熟的人会看到坏掉的喵一只 =其实很喜欢发呆 =总是会突然间安静突然间坏掉似 =习惯solo cos但其实心里总是希望能有cp =有时手痒会自己edit照照不过出来都是奇葩的照骗XDD =FB page:Thyra Leong 三文鱼喵 Cosplay cos历: 吸血鬼骑士-黑主优姬/玖兰优姬 仙剑奇侠传三-龙葵(同人公主版) Blood C-更衣小夜 AKB0048-柏木由纪 6代目 庫洛魔法使-木之本櫻 Gumi-花之舞版 恶魔之谜-东 兔角 刀劍神域-桐人
  • South Korea
    naver blog
  • Japan
    Hi! I'm a cosplayer from Japan. I'm not good at English...but if you like Japanese Animation and cosplay, please feel free to follow me! 初めまして、遊馬もちこと申します。 落第忍者乱太郎、ヘタリア、鬼灯の冷徹を中心に細々と活動中のレイヤーです。 普段はTwitterにいるので、御用の際は↓からどうぞ! Twitter Cosplayers Archive I'd love to make many friends all over the world:) Thank you!
  • Singapore
    Hi, my name is Ryusuke, you can call me Ryu. Nice to meet you! Cosplayers from other countries~ i like to play the violin and the piano during my free time. I am a very reserved person and loves to play games><.
  • Singapore
    Just an ordinary otaku that turns out to enjoy cosplay~! = w=b Facebook: Cure:
  • Japan
    Thank you for viewing. My name is Mako of cosplayers in Japan. I enjoy in my own pace, with only a cosplay favorite work leisurely. You can also look to the photograph of cosplayers our wonderful world, we are daily impressed. Thank you very much everyone! !
  • mao
    maoです THE IDOLM@STER が大好き まったり。
  • ina
    South Korea
    lovelive/cypers and so on! Thank you for visiting! ♥○(。'ω'。)○♥ 팔로는 구독의 팔로로 드리고 있습니다! 제 사랑을 받아주세요! -->♥♥♥ u//u
  • South Korea
    코스어 혜리입니다!잘부탁드려요~ Heyri/South Korea Welcome! I'm a Korean cosplayer! Thanks for your visiting♡ Twitter : Facebook : x FUB Free