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    Hello! :D I'm Akuma Metsuki but my real name is Sonia Barriga. I'm cosplayer from Cebu, Philippines. I enjoy and love cosplay, going to the con and joining the cosplay competition . I'm a otaku and Props maker, I'm the one making my own costume especially armor costume. I love making fully body and detailed armor and big weapons, but I'm still need to learn in making costume. Hope we see each other in the event and cosplay with you. Thank you and hope you like my works :3
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    서울사는 한국인 (Corean, Seoul) 사진사 (Photographer) twitter : kjk10008
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    ~* meow *~ www.facebook.com/littleAllyKitty www.instagram.com/little.allykitty http://allybizarre.tumblr.com/
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    Hi I'm Christine l like Japanese anime I like most cosplay so much you can check my instgram christinepua
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    Park So Yoon (pockypockymayu) | 19 | Female | Spanish cosplayer - Blogger - Youtuber - Singer |