chilly (chilly)
  • Paraguay
    Hi! My name is ... well...can tell me .. yoru hahaha .. is a pleasure. !! I hope you like my versions of anime characters
  • Greece
    Hi! I'm a Greek Coser who likes to Cosplay ✧*.◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.*✧ Please take care of me!
  • China
  • Japan
    Archive いつもはTwitterにいます(*^^*) 写真はアーカイブにもあります*\(^o^)/*‌‌ 少女漫画、ゲームが特に大好き★ finalfantasyシリーズ大好きです! FFⅦが最愛です★ Free!、ときめきレストラン、あんさんぶるスターズ!、アイドリッシュセブン、ニーアレプリカント
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  • Taiwan
    Nice to meet you~ FB粉專: 噗浪:
  • Mexico
    I am a big fan of all related to "Land of the Rising Sun" and Asian regions. Make friends and relate to great personalities high class and I being a fan and being Here in World Cosplay. - L.A.G. -
  • Thailand
    Hi~!!!!! I'm Ain'kaze or you can call me Ain or Waya. I'm Thai cosplayer. I've begun to cosplay since March,2013. Nice to meet you everyone~! FB page: AKZ.WaYa I'll try to do my best !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Taiwan
    嗨嗨~我是一位無名小coser文音~^^ 希望各位大大會喜歡我的作品~
  • Philippines
    Hi! Everyone Im angeli but you can call me Yukiko-chan I love anime , cosplaying, and drawing plus im super super friendly I am also a member of bacolod cosplay figma jaruj. group under the name Zion Lavintine I like sweets.xD and love to make new Friends XD Please feel free to chat or message me :3 Dont get fooled by my face because I Age trolled everyone XD no literally I am 19,my face just look like loli in a age 16 XD
  • Taiwan
    はじめまして、☆eririn☆と申します♪ 乙女ゲー(遙か、コルダ、GS、うたプリなど)、ミク、マクロス、ヘタリアが大好きです♥♥ 前は台湾とアメリカでコスプレをやっていました たまに写真を更新しますので、 どうぞ宜しくお願いしま~す! Hi! My name is ☆eririn☆ (Emily) I love Otome Games, Miku, Macross Frontier, Hetalia, and more!! Most of the photos here are my old photos from Cure. Hope you will still like them~ I put my heart into all the characters I played ^///^ 你好~ 我叫 ☆eririn☆ 目前其實cos活動停止中, 以前曾經在美國和台灣兩地出沒 我喜歡乙女遊戲, 初音, MF, APH等作品 這裡的照片大部分都是從CURE轉移過來的舊照 但是有機會我還是會不時更新這裡^^ 請多多指教~ (鞠躬)
  • Turkey
    Hi I'm Hülya just havin fun. Hope to like it. Here is my Cosplay page wait for you ~~ülya-Nana-Uğralı-Cosplay-738431652866770/
  • Brazil
    Yoo,I'm a starter on cosplay, never did it before, but, this year, I'm starting with Hyuuga Hinata ver. The Last💙💛💜. And some crazy thoughts passed on my mind, that I've decided to do another one too: Heroine from Amnesia💟❤💖. And then,I changed it again, but now It's confirmed. This year I will do Kuriyama Mirai from Kyokai no Kanata💜💛💚💙. I hope you enjoy'em all, Kisses 4 u !!!
  • Viet Nam