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    Hi! I am cosplayer from Malaysia. Nice to meet you(*´ェ`*)ポッ 日本に留学してます。どうぞよろしくお願いします(っ´∀`)っ))ヨロシク ■Facebook -> ■Twitter -> ■Email ->
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    ^o^/~♪✨ Coser: Suiren Kim ◆ Alien Neko ◆ Mahou Shoujo ◆ Precure lover ◆ Idol Trash
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    Hello! My name is Sphinx (you can call me Prae.) Cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you all! <3 Let's be friend >3<" Instagram : XXPRAWNSXX Twitter xXPRAEKOXx FB : // Please send message before adding XD
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    Hello! I'm Rýu and i'm 18 ans Thanks for Like ! ^u^ Facebook page : DeviantArt Page :
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    Assalamualaikum... Konnichiwa Yup For Me Im Rizkq Ichigo Fans and His Group(From Youtube & LINE) My Real Name is Yono Rimo Andrea Riz. But Now I have my new friend to work with my Master His name is Ardina Rosa I Always Support Rizky Ichigo as He Pose and Cosplay :-) Feel Free For Get Friend To Me. Wassalamualaikum.
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    コスプレしてます デレマス、BLOOD+、ディズニーなど Twitter:
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