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    Hello~ My name is Claudia, from Italy! <3 I'm a cosplayer since 2011. I'm 19 and I like loads of stuff (▔∀▔ )╯ *゚‘゚・✿ ✖ Find me! ↗ facebook: ↗ twitter: ↗ instagram: ↗ tumblr: ↗ youtube: ↗ ↗ soundcloud:
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    東方Project狂熱愛好者 朝手作努力邁進 ALBUM: Cure No.308272
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    Hi, I'm Gwen, a cosplayer from Germany. I cosplay since 2000 and also love Lolita Fashion
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    Greetings~ How are you today? My name is Rosinni, you can call me RossiniCrezyel as well~<3 My FB page "Otaku Girl<3:" My DeviantArt Account: Hope you have a nice day!
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    Hi, my name is johan mateus but i better now as humanoid because of my different surgical implants to keep my life, I've been cosplayer since the 2008 and I will going on with all my heart For now enjoy the cosplays I've done at this time and the photos I have taken the most representative Colombian cosplayers soon more cosplays and more photos
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    Hi , I am Ban Chan , cosplayer from Viet Nam ^^ vist me at :