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ちい (Chii)
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    Account with reason and love . 此帳戶的目的。我不共享任何照片,我也是一個希臘的博客!
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    Hi~ >///< ! i'm Amouna , i'm a new cosplayer I hope you will love my work and my pictures~ nice to meet you all~ chu~ chu~ chu~ ♥♥♥♥ 私はあなたが楽しみ、私の仕事を愛することを願っています、~ ♥♥♥ あなたのすべてを満たすために素敵な~ >///< ♥Twitter♥ ♥Facebook♥ ♥Ask♥ ♥Instagram♥
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    Hi, My Name is Takeshi Cosplay. Hola, mi nombre es Takeshi Cosplay. I'm a cosplayer and crossplayer i'm 19 years old. Soy un Cosplayer y Crossplayer, Tengo 19 años de edad. My presentation consists costume modeling, performance dance or performance of person .. It's up to the convention to attend. Mis presentacion consisten en Modelaje de vestuario, performance de baile o actuación del persona.. Todo depende de la convención a la que asista.
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    ◙ I'm just an ordinary boy who indulges in cosplay! Although I am not a cosplayer but I am a photographer and an editor as well!! (Just a newbie!!) :) ◙ Some of my cosplay's photos were collected from fan pages! I just want to share my favorite photos of cosplay to the world and I do not mean to make them for my own! My Facebook: My Pinterest:
  • Brazil
    Photo & Edition Andre Calvet Wedding photographer and cosplay Brazil. Creator of "Losing Anime Time" (Perdendo Tempo Animes) page. * Facebook: * Wedding: Foto e Edição Andre Calvet Fotógrafo do casamento e cosplay. Criador do Perdendo Tempo Animes.
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    我是凜嵐!陷入迷流的高中生coser一枚! 主坑清單有LL、刀劍、Free、以及其他台輕作品OwO! 目前僅出沒於CWT以及FF的路人角色,正式出角還要等等呢~~(欸欸 畢竟還是以課業為主,有機會的話希望能夠外拍的說~ 打算開始存錢買衣服......之前買太多小說漫畫模型了......(QAQ((趴