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  • Australia
    Mofumofu cosplay is an Aussie cosplayer who first started in Dec 2010 [with a hiatus 2012-2014]. Her favourite aspect of cosplaying is seeing everything come to life. Other interests include writing/blogging and fashion. FB page: mofumofucosplay Ample cosplay: mofumofu IG: currentaesthetic weibo/cure/cosplay IG [updated infrequently]: mofumofucosplay
  • Canada
    Hi there, I am a Canadian/Vietnamese Cosplayer. I am a pretty casual type of cosplayer and just cosplay mostly for fun. Nice to meet you all! Deviantart: Facebook: Instagram/Twitter: @nataltoran
  • Australia
    I'm a very beginner cosplayer, hope to become friends with other cosplayers especially those in Australia 皆さんこんにちは~ (●⌒∇⌒●) 私の名前は キチャンです 私のコスプレ名前麻美子です 始めまして~ My Cosplay Name: Mamiko, Nice to meet you ~ Canberra Australia (o´ω`o)ノ
  • Hong Kong
    我是來至香港的千賀~ (°▽°)/ 請多多指教~ 私は千賀です! よろしく~ 預定: 刀劍--沖田組 UL--浪犬、r2瑪爾、貝姐r4 ver.瑪爾 彈丸--日向創 Plurk: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:senga1227
  • MG
    Hong Kong
    香港/悉尼兩地跑 主當同人繪手,cos次數不多,更新會比較緩慢 本命為UL 請多多指教,歡迎交流~ Hi this is M.G. (metalguppy) from Hong Kong/Sydney, Nice to meet you all~
  • Hong Kong
    請多多指教 (*´ω`*)ノ! Nice to meet you from HK! Plurk: FB:
  • United States
    Hi there, call me PERRIOT or bon ^^ I am a Hmong cosplayer in the United States. I enjoy cosplaying, drawing, sewing and many more. I am still a beginner at cosplaying, I hope you enjoy seeing my development.
  • United Kingdom
    Hi my name is Kai and I'm a cosplayer from the UK! I've been cosplaying since October 2014! next con : // instagram: @neokai_ twitter:
  • Indonesia
    I'm cosplayer Arif-Senju in Indonesia - Kalimantan Selatan
  • Viet Nam
  • Saudi Arabia
    -otaku -kpop& jpop fan -dancer -gamer -psycho -in love with pizza.
  • United States
    Hello! I go by Faptomhive on the interwebs, or Minki. I started cosplaying when i was about 12, as Miku Hatsune of Vocaloid, and still love it now when Im nearly 14! I started cosplaying because it just looked like so much fun to bring characters to life, to be the character yourself, and it is :) The most influential cosplayers to me personally, are Noesis Flame and NaruForeverSasu (On Youtube). Their skits inspired me to want to pursue cosplaying. I hope I can one day inspire someone :D
  • Venezuela
    Hi! I'm Garchin-Chan I'm new and I hope to make many friends n.n I'm young , I have 12 years I Love anime and soon 'll upload my cosplays I speak English and Spanish Thaks!- GarchinLays
  • United Kingdom
    ✿I am the part-time detective for the secret mermaid kingdom- AKA Detective Cthulhu✿
  • Australia
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