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  • yng
    #fickle JOJO Hetalia ResidentEvil Attack on Titan PERSONA3 SoundHorizon
  • Mexico
    kisses to all.. :3 facebook: twitter: DE- youtube. cure:
  • Spain
    Saku Redfield | Barcelona | lvl not found Cosplayer and crossplayer since 2011 Hufflepuff | Resident Evil さくら学院 and BABYMETAL fan I love Diabolik Lovers Sakamaki Shu my love! ♡ ♡
  • Philippines
    Hi, I'm Aira! I'm a cosplayer, comic book and video game enthusiast & a self-taught artist! Thanks for dropping by! ♥ •Instagram: @lastoffantasy •Twitter: @lastoffantasy •Cosplay Amino:
  • United States
  • Philippines
    Hi~!! I am a cosplayer from Philippines and an enthusiast~ <3 (´・ω・`)。。 I love video games, manga and of course cosplaying (≧ω≦)b I've been cosplaying since 2009 and having friends in general within the community. As a hobbyist, I am happy to meet other fellow cosplayers from another country ^^ Nice to meet y'all! (´・ω・。) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS POTATO FINALLY HAS A PAGE! FB:
  • Russia
    Hi there, my name is Valara - the WhiteDemon19. I like video games and old anime series (70s, 80s) Every cosplay costume is made by myself Enjoy! Facebook: Tumblr: VK (rus):
  • Russia
    VK Deviantart
  • Hong Kong
  • Chile
    Hi everyone!, my nickname is "Booki" (búki)... I'm a Graphic Designer and amateur photographer ...
  • Viet Nam
    Hi everybody I'm a huge fan of Metal gear solid/rising :D And of course,cosplay Raiden just one of my hobbies xD Sorry for my bad English Anyway,Fuge Oni was my sempai! >w<
  • Thailand
    Hello!! guy. I'm Nook from Thailand. Nice too miss you. Thank you for give heart and follow me. ^^ [FB] preunjin [FB Page] C'n Checkmate [Twitter] PrEunjin
  • United States
    Hi everyone, nice to meet you! My name is Cery. 你们好, 很高兴认识你!我叫Cery. こんにちは,初めまして!私の名前はセリです. I love cosplay! I like learning from other cosplayers and trying to improve. Please leave feedback and tips, they are really helpful! Being new to this site, my cosplays uploaded are not all in chronological order. I like making new friends! Spoken languages: English, Chinese, and a little Japanese 我会说中文 私は少し日語を話すことができます。 My Facebook Page:
  • Brazil
    Hellow Mina-san!!! I'm a cosplayer and cosmaker since 2006. I didn't make many costumes, but all that i made was with love and affection. I'm the typical otaku! I like anime, dramas, tokusatsu, but my biggest vice is the manga! XD Enjoy the photos! Thanks to all visitors!
  • United States
    Hi! My name is Lara. I currently live in NYC and I'm a graphic designer by day, cosplayer by night! I'm part of a cosplay group called The Straight Line Association (or SLA Cosplay). We also run an Etsy shop where we sell some of our cosplay accessories. Cosplaying has become a huge part of my life and I love it and the community! I frequently update my cosplay progress on the SLA Facebook page (/SLACosplay) and my Instagram account (thelaravee).
  • Liz
    United States
    Hi I'm Liz!