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    Hi, I'm Milenium, welcome to my cosplay space! English/Spanish ◆ My instagram:
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    幅広くゆったり活動しています。 ゼルダ / KH / FF/ JOJO / マギ / 進撃 / まほよめ Disney / STAR WARS / Adventure time
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    Hey guys, Mikan here ^_^ Greetings from Serbia ;) I love making new costumes and i hope you're gonna like them.
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    Hi - I'm Lissy! I'm 22 years old and a cosplayer from Berlin (Germany) I started cosplaying in 2011 and so far I've done around 45 cosplays. I'll be uploading some older stuff first and work my way to the newer cosplays so stay tuned~ For regular content please follow me on Instagram ♡ Instagram: lissycosplay My Links:
  • United States
    Hi! I'm Rachel and I'm a cosplayer/propmaker/video game nerd from Wisconsin! I have been cosplaying for about 7 years now. I make most of my costumes, but I'm always striving to improve! Other places you can find me: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube:
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    Please Check my page (✿◠‿◠) Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: If You want to see me at an event in your country, then write to me at My
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    Hi, thanks for visiting my profile(^ν^) Im Miracchi, an italian cosplayer since 2014. Ive made more than 30 cosplays in these years 👌🏻 What i like most, besides cosplaying, is making my own costumes and props; i love sewing and crafting. Ive made some costumes for others too~ Slight interest for lewds 👀 My fav series are fate, Monogatari series etc Lets become friends~💕 FB: IG: Ko-fi: