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wifekirei (Bunnila)
  • Malaysia
    Hello~ My name is Rantaro Sakumi, a certain cosplayer that has quite a lot of hobbies. I'm still a student who makes Cosplay as a past-time hobby, I started cosplaying last year's December 2011(And the cosplay really got ruined) I've been cosplaying for a year by now, I'm looking forward to next year's events, because I will try to do much more characters from varieties of genre/comics/mangas/anime/etc. :)
  • Viet Nam
    I`m a vietnamese cosplayer and i'm here to proove my skill :D
  • Viet Nam
    HI <3 I'm Onuka Anah and I from Viet Nam Nice to met you ^^ My facebook is
  • China
    Hi,everyone.Nice to meet you.I'm Shiqi coser from china.
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Taiwan
    [開學] 學姐:那你的綽號?? 我:..叫綠茶好了 學姐:....可是這樣跟別人撞名喔 我...不然前面加個"無糖"? 學長:這樣太長啦~~會被亂簡稱喔ww 叫綠糖好了www 我:...那就綠糖吧 學姐:OAO!!?? 呃...好喔 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 【以下認真】 大家好// 這邊是綠糖// 綠糖還只是個cos齡不到一年的小新手((各種渣 還請大家多指教喔<(_ _)>
  • Taiwan
    This is a book 私はU米です よろしく~
  • China
  • Russia
    Hi everyone!NICE TO MEET YOU ALL! (´。• ω •。`) ☆☆☆I'm Gesha coser from Russia, ☆☆☆ Wish you like my works ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ More my cosplay work or contact me for cosplay-related business you can Here: ☆☆☆Weibo 大家来加我的微博吧~ ☆☆☆FACEBOOK ☆☆☆ DA ☆☆☆VK - for Russian ☆☆☆TWITTER ☆☆☆INSTAGRAM petrovichgesha
  • Taiwan
    哈囉你好~我是黒崎 在這邊會上傳少許的cos照片 因為個人比較難常接觸這部分 不過還是請各位多多指教 FACEBOOK: PLURK:
  • Canada
    Hello, I am a Canadian Cosplayer, who has been cosplaying since 2011. My favourite character to cosplay is Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier and my first ever cosplay was of Naruto Uzumaki. Just some fun Facts. Instagram: @rubikitsunecosplay Deviantart / Twitter/ tumblr/ YouTube: @rubikitsune Everyone is an amazing cosplayer no matter how good or bad others think the cosplay is as long as you love it and are having fun, it is an incredible costume. Love, Kit
  • Philippines
  • Italy
  • Bgp
    ^_^)/ Hai, I'am Bgp (Bagus gALANG pRATAMA +WALUYO). I'am cosplayer from INDONESIAN, i'am newbi, and i like kaneki for cosplay. I'am Cuber (Rubik's Player). Thank. my link facebook :
  • Taiwan