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    Greetings ~ :3 Hi~ my name is Geugeut Pamageuh, my nickname is Ebeb I'm from Indonesia~ I'm quite new to this cosplay world.. so forgive me if i'm not quite good orz but still i want to learn it~ because I can't believe that cosplay is so much fun XD I LOVE IT XD Let's be friends~ :3 Chats or anything are very welcome XD my facebook~
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    Hi! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I'm a cosplayer who goes under the name Mirakan. I'm part of a cosplay group called MERCAS. We cosplay together as well as making skit's and some promovideos. You can find us on Facebook as well as on YouTube My own page: our group page: I also have a blog called: Hope you like my pictures,and thank you to all you sweet people who Follows me (*≧▽≦)♥♥
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    Hi! I'm Lee Phamtaro from USA! I speak Korean, Vietnamese, and English so please talk to me! I have been cosplaying since 2007 and love to make new friends, please message me if you want help on anything in regards to making cosplay from foam. It's my best specialty!
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    Hey, I'm a new Brazilian Cosplayer I'm here to spread my costumes and meet cosplayers *--*
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    Blog@ deviantART@ Archive@ ほぼブレソのみしかしてない堕落生活・・・ 台湾大好きこすぷれいやー RO:引退 BnS:Japan 琥珀
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    Filmmaker and Writer, Graphic Artist, and Hobbyist. By that I mean I like projects, and so making a little cosplay was my next challenge. Send me some love directly on KIK: NoobySaibot Check out some vids of the costume in action:
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    Hello! I am a cosplayer, vlogger & artist from Miami, FL. My heritage is Israeli-Honduran. I would like to improve my cosplay skills, thanks for visiting! YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: DeviantART: