tsukasa (Ayanami Rei)
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  • Brazil
    xFACEBOOKx https://www.facebook.com/ferduartecosplay?ref=hl xTUMBLRx http://worldof-glass.tumblr.com/ xINSTAGRAMx http://instagram.com/fefduarte/
  • Japan
    HI! my name is Cony. i'm japanese. nice to meet you!
  • Thailand
  • Chile
  • Chile
  • United States
  • Germany
    Hi there, I'm Sel, cosplayer for 12 years know and glad I found a page full of great cosplayers from all over so world. It's a pleasure to share my costumes with you. Have fun. Sel
  • Argentina
    Thanks for looking at my work! i'm from Argentina, just a girl with huge love for cosplay. Artist (a little crazy) always wanting to learn more and more. I really love to create my costumes, wear them, create stage performances and make photo shootings. Feel free to talk to me ♥. Member of Himitsu Team! ~ Facebook♥ https://www.facebook.com/lunatiquecosplay Himitsu Page♥ http://www.facebook.com/HimitsuTeam Tumblr♥ http://lunatiquecosplay.tumblr.com
  • Mexico
    Just another man on the planet earth,Fighting Gamer Cosplayer and Melodic Death Metal/Thrash/Black Listener <3 you can follow me and contact me there http://lenmomono.deviantart.com
  • Philippines
    Hi. I'm Sarielle. Hope to be friends with you guys. ^_^ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MeikoSarielle Deviantart(s): http://amnesia-atis.deviantart.com/ , http://sarielle-rei.deviantart.com/ and http://xyn-chan.deviantart.com/ Cure Cosplay: http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=340257
  • Chile
  • Turkey
    YO! *w* I am a cosplayer from Turkey , call me Eska ^-^ Hope you like my work~ Ba-dum-tss Plans for future: C.C. - Code Geass Blake Belladonna - RWBY Kotonoha - Aura Kingdom Yuuki Asuna (Undine Version) - Sword Art Online Kuchiki Rukia (Bankai Version) - Bleach Ene - Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project Kurosaki Ranmaru - Uta no Prince Sama
  • Italy
    Sacrifice?! Offering?! Fate?! Don't give me these riddles!! After all this si a war!! And it's nothing different from what i did before!! In war, the last man standing is the winner!!! < Berserk >
  • Colombia
    Hi!! I´m a Colombian Cosplayer!, I don´t have a lot of cosplays till now.. .but I love doing them ( My mother help me most of the times) I hope you like my work! Also I have a Fan Idol group (Non professional Idol), if you want to see it, and more of my cosplays (and my friends´s ) I´ll let the link.if you want to join just tell me!!, you dont have to know how to dance or sing. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kiten-Kirei-Tenshi-bello-angel/349850295097035?ref=hl
  • Costa Rica
    Saludos! Desde diciembre 2008 hago cosplay y desde el 2010 mas enserio El cosplay para mi no es un hobbie, yo le dedico mi vida al cosplay pues es lo unico que hago que me gusta Trato de hacer todo por mi mismo para fijarme en detalles He aprendido a decir: Puedo hacer lo que sea, no hay nada imposible solo improbable
  • Japan
    Cure No.700