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    Elaborated Doll Laughs , Lamenting Broken Human , you are my ideal , fooling brain , unsatified person Dance on the top of my hand , in the sweet trap , i entrusted my body , Emerging the Joy of Self FB:
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    Hi~=] Nice to meet you all. Thanks for watching my photos - hope you will love them^^!! 喲~感謝來看我的COSPLAY喔~ 希望你們會喜歡~^口^ Facebook fan page: ZeRaaa x 霊 x 二空間
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    Hey~ I am ELEVEN, Thank you for your support and follow~ page:
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    WB: 包包 ,啊包,帥氣機智包【劃掉】稱呼隨意ˊ_>ˋ ~ 【口味偏好 OP 綠藻本命 /Hellsing /全职/JOJO/冲神/是個希推~】 近期刀男人中w!一期哥是我家的!
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    My name is Mayo. I love cosplay. I can read some Japaness and English…but not very well. Anyway,nice to meet you.=ヾ(*・ω・)ノ weibo : blog :
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    Facebook page :
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    Hi I'm Camilla! I'm an italian cosplayer since 2013 ^U^ I like manga,anime, cosplay and drawing. I hope you'll like my cosplay! (^u^)/ DEVIANTART: FACEBOOK:
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    (WC放置play) 香港的cosplayer,Hiyuki/瑩仔。 目前弱虫/LL熱愛中A口A 愛:矢澤にこ/卷島裕介/星月琥太郎/千石撫子/GUMI/齋藤一...   PAGE:
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    Hi! I'm Carolina, a cosplayer from Spain. I hope you like my cosplays.♥ ♥Twitter: ♥Instagram:
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    Anime cosplayer and part-time casual/sailor Lolita. I'll mostly post up selfies instead of full photos. I've got a tumblr under the name of mirainikki221bioshock.
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    I'm Ishida Ryunosuke,cosplayer and cosmaker beginner.I love *BLEACH* very much! I love Ishida Uryuu :3 and beautiful Uryuu cosplay.Enjoy!I want to make friends with cosplayers from all around the world.I'm cosplayer since 2012.Pangender he/they/she Please dont post my photos without my permission My FB page ID:31692