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なつお (astnatsuo)
Hong Kong
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  • Sky
    Hong Kong
    Hello! I'm a cosplayer from Hong Kong! I hope you enjoy my cosplays! I can speak English and Chinese (^w^) I hope to make many friends from here!! 大家好!香港的一位cosplayer!请多多指教!我可以說中文和英文 (^w^)希望可以跟大家做朋友吧!! FB: DA: Twitter: IG:
  • ryo
  • Hong Kong
    Hi! This is Cherry ~ Just a little cosplayer, hope to make more friends ^^ 我叫鈴木/柃木/Cherry 腐女一名 Coser一名[萬年新手] 是小白没錯 The GazettE王道 Plurk: yamblog:
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
    這裡是還在慢慢填坑中的包子(•̀ロ•́)و✧ 還是個菜鳥請多指教,陸續會安排私拍呈現更棒的作品跟大家交流!!! I am a Taiwanese cosplayer♪ Nice to meet you! ❂plurk廢噗活躍中➽ ❂COS用專頁➽ ❂ASK歡迎提問➽ ❂COS預定表➽
  • Taiwan
    我叫立彌,請多指教。 FB :
  • Taiwan
    PLURK: 歡迎搭訕\\OWO//
  • KMP
    Viet Nam
  • Thailand
    Hi!~ I'm AKEmi. I'm from Thailand :D Nice to meet you all ^^ My Page on FB:
  • Malaysia
    Hello ^_^ Hello I'm cosplayer from malaysia and Now I'm live in indonesia I hope you like me and always support me ^_^ My official account ► Email : ► Facebook : ► Deviantart : ► Blog :
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
    ★ Hi I'm Mitty owo 大家好哦~ 可以叫我Mitty or 小千 ★近期:Lovelive! 兄戰 物語系列 七大罪 Luka \(owo)/\(owo)/\(owo)/\(owo)/\(owo)/\(owo)/ 歡迎搭訕 ^///p///^ 但加好友前請先私訊讓我知道你是誰歐~ 不熟的話請先粉絲歐 謝謝>< ★噗浪 ★FB
  • Uruguay
  • Canada
    Cookies, Confections and sugary sweets, Honeyed poison and sumptuous treats!!!! Earl grey, coffee and sweet pastries!!!! Ask me one lovely things and I'll put all my magic in it to make your wish reality !! <3 <3 >>Hellow Hellow All my sweeties and sweetheart !! I'm a french canadian cosplayer and I really like to meet new people!!!I have a lot of new project with my friends in the futur and I can't wait to show you everything !!!
  • South Korea
    Hello.Nice to meet you