Androgenius (Iosif Westphalen)
Hello everybody! :D

Im a 21-year-old student from southamerica interested in sharing my experience as a cosplayer/crossplayer. ♥
I would like you to see what I've done so far :D and of course I will be learning from you guys who are really good at cosplaying.
I like skating and swimming but my favorite hobbie is to play Videogames :D

You can find me also at:
  • WorldCosplay No.74430
  • NicknameAndrogenius
  • Gender Male
  • Country/RegionRepública del Perú
  • Daysuke
  • Ryoko-demon
  • Francesca Bazan
  • Ann Neko
  • The Sertla
  • Obi Wan
  • Xavier Kamikaze
  • Naruko
  • Saga
  • Kyouma
  • Gatomon
  • sol2011
  • Lisbeth Echevarria
  • Francesca Bazan
  • JuanAdagio
  • Urpi