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Martha (ASAHI Martha)
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  • Japan
    Hi, I'm picpac. This accounit is for introducing my photos, taken in Japanese cosplay events. *Link to other cosplay SNS [Cosplayer's Archive...JP only] [Cure] //
  • United States
    I'm a nerd just like many others. A first time cosplayer and prop maker. My hobbies are cosplaying just for fun. Going to the movies. Watching anime. Reading comic books. And playing video games. I some times attend convention. I'm a huge Kpop lover. Love drinking bubble tea. Maybe one day I travel to Japan.
  • Japan
    My name is much less anteater Taro beginning This is the layer that is the only underling of Pokemon of evil organization in Japan Because we want to get along with everyone you please thank you (* ^ ▽ ^ *) My mission "to everyone to smile at my underling" Scheduled to be behind the scenes in the future world as entertainer If you have any work or questions to here [] Archive 255272 Facebook
  • United States
  • United States
    Hi I am Verique Capati a cosplayer in Hawaii ,Honolulu .started cosplay in 2014.Well nice to meet you, I hope we get along!! my facebook : my page:
  • Canada
    New to everything <3, Nice to meet you all Im currently studying in Canada :3 you can add me if you want XD 1, 2, Cure No. 352165 3, ( i dont really use this much lol) 4, ( mostly) 5, 6,
  • Taiwan
    大家好喔~ 這裡是松鼠 fb:
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
    Narisya. Resides in a very hot, sunny and small island named Singapore. Loves animanga, 80% smiles, 20% frowns, music lover (Japanese, Korean, English, pop, rock, jazz), fangirl. I've only started cosplay in 2013, and it's a fun hobby. ^^ I like to cosplay my favourite characters from any series that I watch/read. I also draw~ You can find me on: dA/tumblr/Twitter: tsukidako; pixiv: 6674400 Current favs: 黒子のバスケ Free! うたの☆プリンスさまっ K etc...
  • Roz
    Saudi Arabia
  • United States
    Hey Guys I'm Jay I'm a cosplayer from Texas I'm also not afraid of Crossplaying either!! Facebook- DeviantArt-
  • Philippines
  • United States
    I'm new to cosplay but I want to make friends through cosplay as well. I am a cosplayer from Northern California. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr:
  • Taiwan
    歡迎光臨(◕㉨◕)WELCOME✧ 噗浪: 天空:
  • Singapore
    Hi Everyone! Yuzuki Minoru Here! I'm A Cosplayer From Singapore! And Has Been Cosplaying Since Year 2011 ^^ I Hope That You'll Like My Cosplays! 始めまして! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Weibo : Facebook Page : CureCos No. 344898 Instagram : YuzukiMinoru
  • Viet Nam