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    Hi I'm Elite -15 Years old cosplayer from the UK -Im new to cosplay and am still making my first few -Ummm some help for my cosplay may be useful if you have time to comment to me -First cosplay-(Zack Fair) \(◠‿◠)/ Im also a Music producer so go check out my soundcloud:
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    I started cosplaying on Oct. 3 2013. I have been a fun of many cosplayers, at first I am just a fanboy who likes to take pictures of the cosplayers at malls. Then I decided to do cosplay myself because i want to know them. my goal is to gender bend all my favorite girl anime characters The characters that i have cosplayed are 1. Takeshi Yamamoto (Hitman Reborn) 2. Yoshino (gender bend) (Date a Live)
  • South Korea
    Hello! Everyone! :) My Name is Hye Won Kim. My English Name is Jessica. Nice meeting you :) I'm former member of Genshiken Cosplayer (Philippines.) I <3 Lolita, Super Sentai, Anime/Manga, J-Drama/Movie, Angels, Jpop/JRock/visual Kei ^^ I'm here in Korea and still finding new team cosplayers and photographer ^^ Add me in fb/twitter. Thanks. I want to be your friends :)
  • Mexico
    Hi! welcome to my worldcosplay profile. n_n I am lily from Mexico! I am still a cosplay beginner but I hope to get better at it n_n oh! I also love cheetos :D Facebook: Tumblr: Ask:
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    Cosplayer / Cosplay Photographer from Philippines Photographer Page: Facebook:
  • Czech Republic
    HI! WELCOME to MY cosplay world! Muhaha ( LOL X'D ) I'm cosplayer since 2012! :3 My first cosplay was Hatsune Miku -> World Is Mine ^^
  • Taiwan
    只是個在歹完的小小COSSER 興趣是自己製作有興趣的道具XD 歡迎大家搭訕喔
  • Japan
    百合好き残念レイヤーです!☆ アーカイブのほうが出現率高め! 藍ちゃんのATMをしてます\( •̀ω•́ )/ 藍ちゃんはあたしの元気の源 マリーちゃん天使 真姫ちゃんのツンデレにやられました 可能コス カゲプロ(マリー、モモ(阿吽ver.)、アヤノ、貴音(夕景イエスタデイver.)) ラブライブ!(西木野真姫(それ僕、練習着)) うたプリ(美風藍(メガネ、プリクロ)) 準備中 カゲプロ(キド) 恋愛ラボ(ウィッグで調整可) やりたいコス 桜Trick(春香) ラブライブ!(西木野真姫、東條希) うたプリ(美風藍) カゲプロ(全員) 上達したら 黒執事やらFree!やらやりたい! 残念レイヤーですが、よろしくお願いします٩(。•ω•。)و
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    Watashi wa Nani desu My Hobbys are: drawing,cosplaying,playing Online Games and Watching Animes. I'm from Austria but now in Germany. I Love Animals and everything what's . (But i got a Splatter Side . ) My Animes are: Kimi ni Todoke, Ano Hana, Corpse Party,Shingeki no Kyojin and Mirai Nikki My Favourite Manga is: Sankarea My BIrthday: 19. June 2001 My Cosplays at the moment are Rainbow Dash, Pie, Ackerman, Yuno Gasai (In progress), Miku Hatsune (Standard), Fluttershy and Super Sonico.
  • South Africa
    Aspiring Cosplayer | 19 | Anime Lover Follow me on Facebook: Deviantart:
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    大家好我是空 喜歡cosplay 希望可以和大家交流 讓自己更進步 帶給大家更好的作品 ********************************************** Hello everyone, I was so ra. I'm from Tainan,Taiwan Like cosplay and we hope that we can exchange. Make themselves more progress to bring you better work. *********************************************** facebook: plurk:
  • Shu
    多くの支持 也希望大家多多支持喔~>< 謝謝<3 I hope you will support the Oh ~> < Thank you <3 噗浪: FB: 天空: 歡迎你(妳)們認識我喔~ Welcome you to know me Oh!