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    Me is me
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    Hi people! I'm a fan of cosplay, love and admire the work of those who do and intend to do soon. And here I'll post some pictures of cosplay that devastate my point of view <3
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    .[鬼芝]. 菜鳥coser~homo同好~中二病患者~ 由2011年6月開始正式出COS. \本命是伏八.猿美/ \\MISAKI// 多多指教^q^ ========================= FB:
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    20 year old cosplayer from Scotland! II love the happy, cute and also the psychotic characters :3
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    Hallo,I'm mangopudding from HongKong.Nice to meet you<3 If you like,please follow me <3 你好啊~~這裡是香港的布丁~請多多指教<3<3
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