Aeschma Daeva (Asmodee)
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  • Colombia
    I'm cosplayer from Colombia since 2011. Thanks for visit my profile Facebook(grupal): DevianArt:
  • Macedonia
  • France
  • France
    my page: team's page:
  • Ukraine
  • Canada
  • Japan
    Ich bin in Japan aktiv. Mein Name ist Mako chan. Es ist 8 Monate alt begann cosplay. 日本でも北関東でゆっくり活動しています( ^ω^ ) Twitter:@seehka ARCHIVE:321114 COSPLAY: 銀魂【沖田/土方/銀八】 進撃【サシャ/ハンジ】 薄桜鬼【千鶴】 黒執事【グレル】 うたプリ【林檎】 ボカロ(恋雪) *借り物* 薄桜鬼【風間】 テニプリ【仁王】
  • Netherlands
    I'm a cosplayer since 1998, I live in The Netherlands, but I'm native of Italy. Since I started this hobby around 16 years ago, I have many costumes, you can see them in this gallery: : Facebook Page Shared with my husband(Zel): P.S. Thanks to everyone to have favorited my pics, I really appreciate.^__^ <3
  • United States
  • Colombia
    Hello, my name is luz ma and I lovee the cosplay ^-^ I have 24 years old, I hope you like my work Thanks for visit (^-^)/
  • South Korea
    20대 중부권 코스어 치노리입니다 :) 하가렌, 블리치, 학앨, 너닿 등 살짝 세월감이 있는 추억의 애니들 좋아라합니다~ 코스는 2009년부터 시작했으나 복귀한지 얼마 되지 않아 지인이 없어요ㅠ.ㅠ 같은 코스어분들 팔로우시 맞팔 갑니다! Twitter : @nori_616 Blog(Photos) : Adult costume player from South Korea. Able to speak English, and a little bit of Japanese. Follows are always welcome :)
  • Colombia
  • Italy
    Hi there!We are a couple of cosplayer,and we do cosplay since 2010.We really love to build weapon and armor for our cosplay,and we try to improve our work even if we don't have much time really! Deviantart id:
  • South Korea
    Hello!! >w</★ Nice to meet you~>A<//♡ よろしくお願いします!!☆★☆★ 안녕하세요~>ㅁ<// 잘 부탁드립니다^^*** Twitter - jibriel1004 Cure -
  • France