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アイリカ (Ayrica)
  • Japan
  • Viet Nam
  • Malaysia
    I'm a Multimedia designer, Blogger, Moviegoer, Reviewer, Cosplayer, Gamer, Photographer and a lot more -er. I've been cosplaying since 2006. I love to sew and making props. I'm hopelessly in love with my husband, Zend ;D Please visit my curecos ( 優雅の蜂蜜 ), I have more photos of my costumes there :D
  • Malaysia
    nice to meet you all >///<!!!
  • United States
  • Malaysia
    Cosplayer from Malaysia~ Nice to meet you <3 I work in the video post-production field, this is the trailer for our Nezumi Group's Grave Robbers Chronicle cosplay photobook: FACEBOOK: DEVIANTART:
  • Taiwan
  • Macedonia
  • Malaysia
    CureCos: Facebook:
  • Malaysia
    Hello (`・ω・´)” Miki desu. I'm from Malaysia~~~ Hope u like my cosplay^w^ 大家好~我是米奇 来自马来西亚 希望你会喜欢我的cos/////// 米奇会加油的!*(*´∀`*)☆ FaceBook : 如要加FB请密我哦!(★^O^★)
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
    I am Seventh, from Singapore.
  • Indonesia
    I'm Sen, Indonesian cosplayer :D I love art specially sing hoho I cosplay since 2012~ find and follow me on : facebook fanpage : youtube : (it doesn't contain things about cosplay only) Hope y'all like my Cosplay~ Let's be friend and enjoy cosplaying~~ ohohohooo~ Yoroshiku~~~ (/'v')/
  • Malaysia
    Hello! Cosplayer from Malaysia here Hope you enjoy what I do! <3
  • Malaysia
    Hello! I'm Avie, currently staying in Malaysia.
  • Thailand
    I LOVE HIM... ^^ One day, about four years ago, my girlfriend told me that I was putting on weight. I started a very strict diet and did my best to stick to it for about half a year, but then we broke up and all that enthusiasm had nowhere to go. Then I said to myself that I shouldn’t hide anymore who I was. I was an otaku, loud and proud! - See more at: