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Hong Kong
  • Russia
    Hi there! My name is Andrew. I'm Russian Cosplayer & Photographer. Currently I'm member of Russian Outpost of 501st Legion. If you would like an photoshoot, Just give me a message and we can manage it+) Also I take commission for retouch of photos. Just give a message. Also you can contact to me through my FB page: Для русских косплееров меня можно найти на Enjoy!
  • South Korea
  • Costa Rica
    Soy Cosplayer desde el 2012, y soy estudiante de Arte en la Universidad <3 Gracias al Cosplay he conocido gente fantástica y espero seguir haciendo nuevos amigos. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Cosplayer since 2012, and i'm an art student in college (art its my life) I have met many people in the cosplay scene and i want to make new friends :3 You can also find me here:
  • KMP
    Viet Nam
  • China
  • Hong Kong
    Hello everyone, my name is Carrie, or you can call me Manju. I am Cosplayer from Hong Kong ;) Nice to meet you!
  • China
  • Taiwan
    歐嗨喲~本人ㄉ名字是夜靜呦=w=(Ya Jing) 其他的代號有:夜聿....等,所以可以自行取代號,不過主要是夜靜 是個渣渣小COSER,有需要加強的地方可以跟我說喔ˊˇˋ (本:俺知道俺妝需要加強/// 還請C圈ㄉ各位多多指教ˊˇˋ 【Facebook】: (歡迎戳友or關注) 【PLURK】: (歡迎加友) 【Facebook個人專】:歡迎按讚)
  • Spain
  • Hong Kong
    Welcome to my world~~
  • Taiwan
    您好,我是來自台灣的逍茹,請多指教!^^ Hello,this Xiao Ru,I'm from Taiwan.I like animation &cosplay. Nice to meet you 私の名前逍茹 台湾からcosplayer はじめまして PLURK:
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
    Hello we are Nekuhachi, we are team of cosplay and japanese style from Pontianak ( Indonesia ) Our Fanspage
  • Philippines
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
    大家好 偶素MIko果果 Minna! Im Miko. 腐女一枚 Fujoshi desu! 对可爱的东西完全没抵抗力 No reason, I like all cute stuffs. Pls add me on Facebook 请加我面子书: 有興趣組團可以私信我哦~歡迎海外朋友!多数会出席在新加坡还有马来西亚的活动 Enjoy your life today becoz yesterday had gone n tomorrow may never come^^ DA: Cure: 新浪部落格: 新浪微博: