みさき 智緋 (Misaki tomohi)
  • Meo
    Viet Nam
    Facebook: https://mobile.facebook.com/destiny.kelvin.1?ref=bookmarks Instagram: konji_cosplayer
  • Malaysia
    Hello I'm Snow aka Yuki. Nice to meet you all. Favour Online Game: RagnarokOnline/DragonNest/Blade&Soul/Elsword
  • Turkey
    Hi !! My name is Görkem >.> I'm cosplayer from Turkey! Nice to meet you! ^-^ --------------------- * Facebook Page * : https://www.facebook.com/Raiyeiji Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Raiyeiji.gngk Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raiyeiji İnstagram: https://www.instagram.com/raiyeiji/ DeviantArt: http://raiyeiji.deviantart.com/
  • Taiwan
    東方迷、COS迷與航空迷。以安全與自由的平衡點為發展重心,以不斷的試驗為精進技術的主要手段。目前正在開發角色扮演安全系統,並致力於戰術與策略的發展與創新。 出身自「山岳海岸雙足踏,人文區域一指通」,與英語系合稱「『英』曹『地』府」的地理學系。沉穩、理性的外表之下,有著一顆烈日一般的內心。有的時候會有過熱的情況,也有可能突然陷入憂鬱與憤怒當中。最討厭自己一切的努力完全化為泡影,如果發生了的話,就有暴走的可能性。 角色歷:時空管理局的路人甲(魔法少女奈葉StrikerS)(<---已報廢);仲村 ゆり(AngelBeats!)(封存中);霧雨 魔理沙(東方緋想天);宇佐見 蓮子(ZUN's Music Collection);八意 永琳(東方永夜抄);博麗 霊夢(東方Project) 目前已知角色規劃:暫無 YAM:blog.yam.com/atds Pixnet:libertyx.pixnet.net/blog Twitter:twitter.com/2014starlight
  • Taiwan
    大家好♡ 我是台灣的Coser~ 歡迎各位同好來搭訕我//(不 FB→https://www.facebook.com/Natsuki426?ref=hl
  • Japan
    I'm cosplayer that are active in Japan. Thank you for looking at the photo,will be encouraging. Blog/http://doq.jugem.jp/
  • Japan
    *ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* my name is Ramune. I'm ELSWORD cosplayer! GAME❤ELSWORD Chara❤Aisha Elemental master が大好きです(*'ω'*)♫ よろしくお願いしますෆ*  らむね_EM_JP 라무네_EM_JP Thank you for giving your message and I'm pretty happy!
  • Japan
    向本郷と申します。日本・東京をベースに活動しています。 活動範囲は東京をはじめとして日本、台湾、その他各地です。東方中心としてコスプレしております。 皆様、関心を持って頂いてありがとうございます! Hello, I'm rapidliner. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I often go to doujin and cosplay event in Tokyo and other Japan, Taiwan, etc. Mainly cosplay in Touhou Project. Thank you for your interest! Twitter: https://twitter.com/S_Timer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wilheim.marunouchi Plurk: https://www.plurk.com/rapidliner DeviantART: http://rapidliner.deviantart.com/ コスプレイヤーズアーカイブ:199528
  • Taiwan
    大家好我是【雙心月腐】大家稱我為【豆腐】 新手一枚!不足的地方!!!請多見諒TAT... ============ 喜歡動漫很久很久了~ 從國中就想COS但過了12年後才正式加入~~~ 2015/8第一次COS 我知道很多地方不是很好QQ實在是對不起!! 我會去修剪假髮~把幽幽子的瀏海變回來><~~~ ========= 喜歡&籌畫COS 最愛的動漫:弱虫,家教,紳士同盟,,鑽A,犬夜叉,黑色子彈,問題兒童來自異世界 最愛的遊戲:東方project,戰國無雙,夢100,天諸紅 ========= 目前有的衣服角色:西行寺幽幽子.涅音夢 之後隨機預定角色:星熊勇儀,神樂,蛇骨 先以上這樣><~~~ 請多指教^^ ========= 【Plurk 】http://www.plurk.com/tulli910
  • Japan
    日本のコスプレイヤーです。 コスプレでパフォーマンスしてます。 アーカイブ http://www.cosp.jp/prof.aspx?id=210899
  • Mexico
    Hello to the world! My name's Sasha and I hope you enjoy my work, I do in order to get fun and smiles to those who need. Remember ... Be yourself and smile! ;) FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/CloudSashaVII DeviantART: http://qwaseer.deviantart.com/
  • South Korea
    한국에서 코스프레&소품제작을 하는 쿠로냥 입니다(영어로 kuronaang으로 써요) Called Kuronaang that cosplay in South Korea (한국에서 코스프레를 하는 쿠로냥이라고 합니다) props is made me ^^ (소품도 제가 만들어요) Do not speak English well (영어는 잘 못합니다) Japanese Hiragana and Katakana are possible (일본어는 히라가나와 가타카나가 가능합니다)
  • sai
    Nice to meet you. My name is 菜(Sai ). I live in Kyoto of Japan. I love an animated cartoon and comics, a camera. I handcraft the costume by myself. I am because the reason that I registered here wants to make friends with people liking costume plays of the world. Thanking you in advance! ご観覧ありがとうございます。 菜(さい)と申します。 自分のペースで好きなものをのんびりやっています。 普段では出来ない交流やお友だちがつくれたらいいなと思い登録しました。 関西で活動しております。ぜひ仲良くしてください! Archive No. 101577 Cure No. 86845 Layer Cloud No. 16096 Twitter ID snoel72
  • Philippines
    Hi my name is Rafa, I started cosplaying since June 2014 and I Cosplay for fun... ^_^ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MonkeyD.Rafael https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rafa-kun/834373366597520
  • Germany
    Hi my dear friends of cosplay! ^O^ It´s nice to meet you all ^-^ I´m Bamby and I live in Germany! I started with cosplay in October 2010. But I'm far from being a pro. Therefore, I want to learn more about cosplay strategies and so on, every day :D Cosplay is my obsession; so I hope I´ll be right here ^O^ ~~~ animexx: http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/mitglieder/steckbrief.php?id=512629 instagram:https://instagram.com/cycliques/
  • Philippines
    Hey guys! I'm SUZUME also known as Jay Yuchengco from Philippines, an amateur cosplayer who loves watching anime, playing games and cosplaying characters I like. Feel free to browse my pictures and thank you for rating it, I hope you like it. Also please add my newly created Facebook - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suzumeofficial (Active) - Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suzumeofficialpage