Kuro Yomihime (Leslie De la Rosa)
Oh ... me? My name is Leslie. The things I like and dislike ... No, I really don´t want to tell you that. My
dreams for the future ... well I never
thought about them. And my hobbies ... I have a lot of

Hahahaha just kidding.. I am a cosplayer from Mexico, an anime-addicted but mostly addicted to video games.^^

Douzo, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!!
  • WorldCosplay No.91918
  • NicknameKuro Yomihime
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionEstados Unidos Mexicanos
  • Chono Black
  • Rêu
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  • Jessi Chan
  • Gom
  • takeda
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  • Alucard D. Kenpachi
  • Chono Black
  • Jessi Chan
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