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Kaiba Man
  • Rei
    Facebook: LIKE! \(o^o)/ Deviantart:
  • Brazil
    Fan Page ~ Deviantart~ Tumblr~ Blog~
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm Lucia Mei. I'm from VietNam and I so happy If we as a friend :) oh! This is my Social Networking : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Lucia Mei :
  • Thailand
    Hi I'm shuka cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you all สวัสดี ฉันชื่อ ซูก้าร์ เนมคอส คุริตะ ซูกะ ส่วนสูง 159 น้ำหนัก 35 เริ่มคอสครั้งแรก 27 ส.ค. 2557 แต่งชุดเมดในงานโรงเรียนแต่ปัจจุบันชอบเเต่งชายที่เป็นเด็กผู้ชายเนื่องจากส่วนสูง และด้วยที่ว่าเป็นคนที่ผอม ชอบคอสเพลย์มาก จนอธิบายไม่ถูกเลย รู้สึกดีใจมากที่มีคนชอบเวลาฉันคอสและได้รู้จักเพื่อนใหม่มากมายขอบคุณ ***************************** {FB} >> {IG} >>
  • Malaysia
    Hello ^_^ Hello I'm cosplayer from malaysia and Now I'm live in indonesia I hope you like me and always support me ^_^ My official account ► Email : ► Facebook : ► Deviantart : ► Blog :
  • Mexico
    Halo! He hecho cosplay desde el 2010 y puedo decir que admiro el trabajo de cada uno de los cosplayers, el esfuerzo y dedicación. Solo hago de personajes que me gustan a mi y que me siento identificada. Cualquiera puede hacer cosplay! //♥ Halo! I've done cosplay since 2010 and I can say that I admire the work of each of the cosplayers, effort and dedication. Just doing characters that please me and I identify. Anyone can do cosplay!
  • Colombia
    n_n Welcome!!! Hi, I´m Deruri. I hope you enjoy my projects. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ ♥ **Facebook: **DeviantArt: **INSTAGRAM: **TUMBLR:
  • Italy
    Hi! I'm an italian cosplayer. I've been making costumes for some years, but I've started to make them more "seriously" just from a few months. I hope I'll add more pics soon ^^ I don't have a FB page (I'm not THAT good... yet), but you can contact me at E-mail: raven89 DeviantArt: Anyway, feel free to send me a message anytime! -- Over 1000 favs! Thanks everyone!
  • Mexico
    Hi, my real name is Isamar, but i like to be called Iza I'm from Tijuana, Baja California I love to do cosplays, just like you. I hope you like them, i'm still working on them C: ------- Hola, mi nombre real es Isamar, pero me gusta que me llamen Iza Soy de Tijuana, Baja California Amo hacer cosplays, justo como a ti. Espero les gusten, sigo trabajando en ellos C:
  • Singapore
    Hello~! Love Anime, Cosplay & Dance 8D Cosplaying since Nov 2012 (Facebook} (Instagram} (Twitter} (Youtube}
  • Brazil
    Olá, sou a Yara, porem sou mais conhecida como Shizu Yaa (Shizu por causa do personagem de Durarara!! Heiwajima Shizuo , e Yaa por causa do meu nome real. Faço cosplay à uns 4 anos mais ou menos. Sou membro do Grupo Cosplay de Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas , chamado de STARS OF DESTINY (represento o cavaleiro Asmita de virgem). Twitter: @shizu_yaa Espero que gostem <3
  • Hong Kong
    你好,這邊是香港的cosplayer 青鳥,請多多指教(*´∀`)~♥ Hi~ I am Aoi Tori, a Hong Kong cosplayer Nice to meet you♥ welcome to my FB PAGE❤ Plz like & share♥
  • Canada
    Hello, This is the Combined account for our site CosplayButterfly Catie (The Redhead) Jessie (The Blonde) Keagan (Webmaster/photographer/prop buider) We hope you enjoy our hard work.
  • Brazil
    Sou novato na área de Cosplay. Faço computação gráfica 3D. Se Quiserem ver meu trabalho alem dos meus Cosplays visitem: Meu DeviantArt: Meu Canal no Youtube: Meu Facebook: Meu Twitter: Meu Instagram:
  • Brazil
    I'm Camila Freitas, but you can call me MIH ... Welcome to my page I hope you enjoy my work ... Thanks for stopping by my world! ; 3
  • Japan
    (Twitter) (Archive ) (World cosplay) (Layer cloud) welcome! Japan 東北中心に活動中 love:VOCALOID,pocket monsters,Sound Horizon 商業BL etc Thank you for a comment . I am very happy(^ ^*) ※日本語しか分かりません! メインの交流はアーカイブ、日常的なことはTwitterにつぶやいています! よろしくお願いします。 更新頻度 Twitter(速報・日常)>Archive(レポ・お気に入り)>World cosplay≧Layer Cloud