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    hello i'm Rayna Kazumi from Indonesia nice to meet you >< ask?
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    ☑日湾不鏽鋼廚✿ ☑雜七雜八 *http://openf91.pixnet.net/blog *http://pixiv.me/openf91 *https://twitter.com/birdyu_san *http://birdyu.deviantart.com/ *http://birdyu-san.tumblr.com/
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    大家好我是Miruku 靡可,(●'3`)ノ⌒♥ 喜歡攝影、cosplay、動漫等等... 歡迎交流衝撞拍打餵食❤ 請多多指教(o´艸`o) fb:www.facebook.com/MirukuxYumo
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    halo semuanya I'm cosplayer from indonesia this is my colection cosplay I hope you like it ^^ you can add and follow me facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Meiyo https://www.facebook.com/LiMei-Alice-x-Meiyo-Cosplayer-998530260211041/ salam kenal ya :D
  • Japan
    黒井杏蜜です、関東で活動中 好きなキャラを気の向くままコスプレしてます たまにROM写真集出してます Hi,my name is Anmitsu I'm Japanese cosplayers Using translation software, I have to read or write message. I'm glad the message! Thanks a bunch! I have issued a CD-ROM Photo Album. -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Twitter * @k_anmitsu Blog * http://ameblo.jp/kuro-kake Cos crow * https://cos-crew.com/u/kuroi_anmitsu Cosplayer's Archive http://www.cosp.jp/prof.aspx?id=27262
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    Hi,my name is miyoru,from taiwan. Im a coser & photographer,and i like to share my photos to u <3 If u like it,its nice to give me some encouragement !! MY PLURK :vivian89818
  • Australia
    Hi guys My name is JackDante but you can call me Jack Hope you guys like my cosplay and hope you would follow me ^^.
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    COS圈新人努力求進步中 宮老吉卜力家一直線, Sound Horizon忠實信仰之國民XD 散散日系動漫作品+歐美角 長期徵求搭夥Orz 社群活躍平台下收↓ こんにちはヽ(`・ω・´)ノ 社畜にったでもcosplayの夢を忘れできない台湾人かおるですぅ (つД`)・゚・ そして、わたしは腐女子ですよヽ(´∀`。)ノ 同じ興味の仲間探しています よろしくね(●´∀`●)ノ I'm Taiwanese :) I speak a little English Like Cosplay & write something :P Welcome be my friend ^0^ / Weibo微博→http://weibo.com/kaoru282015 Instagram→https://instagram.com/kaoru282015/ Flickr→https://www.flickr.com/photos/132011460@N02/sets
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    Hi ! My name is Mei. I'm from Vietnam. Nice to meet you <3 This is my Facebook, I'm very happy if someone adding me :) https://www.facebook.com/anna.cango
  • Taiwan
    I come from Taiwan. My name is 廷涵(Tin-han),real name. All photos belong to me and my friends(coser). 我是台灣人 我叫廷涵,是本名 所有照片都屬於我和我的朋友們(照片中的Coser) flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/aselluss/ facebook https://www.facebook.com/Aselluss
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    Ohaiyo~~!!! I'm AD from Myanmar!!I'm more active on facebook. x3 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kl0udxad/
  • Thailand
    Hello everyone >w<♪♫ --------------------- Name cos : Tofuku , Tofu \*3*/ Cosplayer of Thailand Nice to miss U m>w<m Thank you very much \>_</ ----------------------
  • Hong Kong
    Hi there! Here's shizuka. I am a cosplayer from Hong Kong. shizukaです!私は香港から来ました。 どうぞよろしくお願いします ♠Website: http://tsukihana-shizuka.weebly.com/ ♠Blog: http://kanamandy.pixnet.net/blog ♠Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/shizukacosplayxlolita ♠半次元:https://bcy.net/u/224563