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    Hi! I'm Shiori and I'm a chinese cosplayer. I started cosplay last month (7 Novembre 2016). Thanks for supporting me ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ✨ P.S I'm from China but I live in Italy ^^ Instagram: Facebook:
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    Hello my name is sana , i love anime & cosplay.. Feel free to follow me I'll follow back. (/ / )'~'(/ / )
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    Hong Kong
    -香港coser facebook: twitter:yanhkcoser cosp: Instagram(慢速更新):yanyan91293
  • Philippines
    Na na na na Batmaaan hello I'm a photographer and i'm new here so please be nice ^_^
  • Myanmar
    Hello . I'm a cosplayer named "LuciZ☆" . *Obsessed with Final Fantasy series* Started to cos in December 21,2014 Hope u like my cosplays☆ Follow me and I will follow u back~ Facebook - Nyan Lynn Htet(Atsu) Page - Atsu Happy visiting my timeline >v<
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  • United States set=a.10207978528084822.1073741943.1346414749&type=3
  • Thailand
  • Thailand
    Hi~안녕~สวัสดีค่ะ~ My name is mild.I'm Thai.Cosplayer.
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    Hi (^ω^) I'm a girl from Russia.I like cosplay ♥ I hope you like my works ♥♥♥ My VK: My Instagram:
  • Indonesia
    Rosenfla, detective haha
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