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    Hi! This is cosplayer Nyan Nyan from Philippines! \(°∞°)
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    放置歷史用,謝謝喜歡! 近期 in ペダル沼 PLURK→ twitter→ 中文/English/日本語 交流歡迎m9(>÷σ)
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    A profile by means of knowledge of talent *-* I am one person who likes to spread cosplayer from other countries to Brazil! For those who know me, you know my work. Feel so honored. My page:
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    這裡是千炎,台灣台南人 cos的作品還不多,各方面都還在努力中 希望能一點一滴的進步! 也謝謝給我鼓勵與加油的大家!我愛你們! Plurk:mimiqq2328
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    I am Chinese coser√ →_→I can speak Japanese .... Ah…… OK=-=
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    こんにちは!香港のペンギンです!(・Θ・) fb page: Ample: weibo: どぞ よろしくお願いします!ヽ(●´ε`●)ノ