Tian Jiang (Tian Jiang)
Viet Nam
  • Austria
    Hallo ich bin SafL, eine Cosplayerin aus Österreich ! Hier teile ich ein paar Cosplay Bilder von mir und Freunden mit euch. Viel spaß :-*
  • France
    Hi! For now, I'm not really active and my cosplays are really cheap, but I hope you'll be patient until I grow into a good cosplayer! \(^o^)/
  • Hong Kong
    CN:黑影Kaixa^^ Hi,I am Kaixa.Black Hong Kong cosplayer IG:Alan.kaixa
  • United States
    Kat. Cosplayer, gamer, and student. Find me at Anime Expo and A-Kon!
  • Philippines
    Hiiii Im Zone and im just new at cosplay for maybe now is 7 months And I love to Crossplay, and play games ANd I'll be looking forward for the future me in cosplay community ^ _^
  • Spain
  • Italy
    1992 ● Italian ● Cosplayer since 2014 ● Japan Lover
  • Pakistan
    I am just a hobbyist. Just started cosplaying. And i love gaming and anime. pleased to make your acquaintance.
  • United Kingdom
    I've been interested in Japanese culture for many years. Recently I've become more interested in manga & anime, along with cosplaying. After seeing a cosplay contest at the Manchester Japan Day 2014 & decided It was something I could also start doing. If you like one of my photos I will start following your profile in return. I've been very impressed not only at the standard of cosplaying here, but where people are from, it seems to be popular all round the world.
  • Philippines
    Good day to you! My standing screename is Polyhymnia: the muse of Sacred Music. Currently is a Music student, majoring in the Violin, hailing from the city of Davao. Aside from music, I am also heavily interested in other humanities and Aviation. I have started cosplaying in the year 2014, but I have been attending conventions in Davao and Manila beforehand. I hope that the works here be found satisfactory. With all due respect, Polyhymnia
  • Japan
  • Finland
    I am a Finnish cosplayer and crossplayer. My favorite character is Nico Yazawa from Love Live. I hope you like my pictures. My photographer Nitsakia photography https://www.facebook.com/Nitsakia.photography/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zatsuhatsucosplay Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zatsuhatsu/
  • Mexico
  • Japan
    I am Japanese cospleyer. Anime,Manga likes each. However, likes Disney. Considering Disney, it becomes glad. Let's make friends.and I want to make friends of the world!! Please contact a message and Facebook any time! Thanks!! *Twitter* https://twitter.com/@pas_na73 *Facebook* https://www.facebook.com/Haru-Takamine-高峰葉流--605597339487430
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
    Hello my friend! My name is Yana. I am greek from Uzbekistan and I study in Prague. Also I am gamer, photographer, cosplayer and animefan :) All of these are my hobby and I enjoy spending my time with that! Welcome to my world! <3