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Takeru (Takeru Kenji Takeru)
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  • Japan
    もみじと申します(*´∀`*) 撮影するのも踊るのも大好きなレイヤー。 舞台・ミュージカルの観劇も好き♡ Twitter*@MmJ_011 Archive*50139 ----- Hello, My name is Momiji. Even it is also favorite cosplayers to dance to shoot. My hobby is a theater stage and musicals. Nice to meet you:)
  • Indonesia
    Hello Everyone, My Name Is Egie, And I'm a cosplayer From Indonesian.. Hope we can become friend from all cosplayer in the world ;)
  • Indonesia
    ★Official Page : ★Steam : ★Ask Me in : ★Zeemi.TV : ★NicoNico : ★Twitch : ★Twitter: "YoRefa is Everyone's" Alliance in order to maintain some level of peace among his admirers. Help Each Other ^_^ is My Best Ways To Live.....
  • Malaysia
    Hi Aria here! Or you can call me Aeryl ^o^ I'm from Penang, Malaysia. Just started cosplaying this year ^^ :-still a beginner, gonna cosplay more characters in future„ plz support me & I'll support u too <3 My favourite chara are Yazawa Nico, Tsunemori Akane & Ryuko Matoi~
  • Ays
    i'm a russian photographer and cosplayer,nice to meet you^^ also you can find me at the following links Vkontakte: if you want to ask me something: and my personal photos in Instagram:
  • Taiwan
    FB page :
  • Hong Kong
    Hello~here is a coser from Hong Kong~I am still a tenderfoot in cosplay and please give me some advices if I do something wrong so that I can improve my cosplay; ; 大家好~這裡是來自香港COSER~由於我還是新手,所以如果我的COSPLAY有甚麼問題或錯誤的地方的話請給我一點建議,不用留情的ww我會努力改善的; ; 請多指教><よろしくお願いします><
  • Thailand
    大家好~ 我叫 Meito。 认识你们很高兴。 hi, I'm Meito. Nice to meet you >3<
  • South Korea
    twitter : BLOG : 한국에서 활동하는 DNA(or 청단(cheungdan))입니다. 강철의연금술사(Fullmetal alchemist) 좋아합니다^▽^)o
  • Malaysia
    Hi , my name is ejuan I was born in 1992 Well this hobby is very awesome to me because this my second hobby after be a part as a motorcycle racer .. I will be a cosplayer if I don't have any motorcycle racing I really love Cosplay and I feel so great I can meet people that can make me a new friends .. But I hope we can meet each other someday .. :)
  • Malaysia
    Hi! I'm a 22 year old newbie cosplayer from Kuching, Malaysia! I just started cosplay since November 8, 2014 and made my debut during J-Fest 2014, an event organised by my college. Before I started cosplaying, I did Gothic and Lolita fashion dress ups and did small photoshoots for fun with my friends for 3 years.
  • Malaysia
    Hello and welcome to my WorldCosplay ^^ You can call me Ashe, nice to meet you :3 Love to meet new friends from around the world <3 *This page still under construction /o/* 【Facebook】 【DeviantART】 【Tokyo Otaku Mode】 【Ample】 【Instagram】AsheKoh
  • Indonesia
    Hi, i'm Naomi from Indonesia 始めまして ●*´∀`*●ノ フォローありがとうございます_|\○_ i love Anime, Manga,and Cosplay i hope you guys always support me. ★Please message me when you want to contact me ^o^ Contact me at : 【Facebook】 : 【Mail】 : 【Twitter】: @cosernaomi <> 【WorldCosplay】: 【DevianArt】: ★Following Me ^o^
  • Japan
    感謝 宜しく Twitter → @itsuki_akira
  • Germany
    USA, TX/Germany based cosplayer (hehe yes I love switching countries ♥) I'm a dork, call me Belle, it's nice to meet you ^-^ Facebook: deviantArt: twitter: tumblr:
  • Indonesia
    Hi my name is Ginanjar :o I've known a cosplay since 2004 ^o^ I live in Surabaya East Java Indonesia ;) i will following all of you ... ^^; heheheheheh.... nice to meet you cosplayers :p WOW new fitures!!! chatting!! :v let's chatting everyone!! XD~~ sorry if my english is bad :'(