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天魔星雨 (Tian Mo Star Rain)
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  • Yu
    最喜歡路德了>\\w< ************************** Hi thank u for watching. I'm a novice coser. I SOOOOOO like APH. If u like me please press love, And sub me. Thank<3 FB:
  • Taiwan
    你好w我來自台灣! 我叫做櫻井晴^^ 是個新手這樣 然後很多東西都還在學 還請大家多多指教 Hello I'm come from Taiwan. I'm Sakurai Hare who is a new hand cosplayer. And I am learning a lot of things about cosplay. Wish you can teach me something that I don't know.
  • Macedonia
  • Philippines
    Hi! I'm Jeffrey :) FB PAGE:
  • Taiwan
    大家好阿~~! 我是一個渣渣般的COSER 重度大叔廚 粉專: LANの翼 嵐翼 plurk: jpshiy 歡迎搓好有歐
  • gau
    † 動画 YouTube † HP † 最近はアーカイブの方に行っております。
  • Taiwan
    大家好我是天風~小渣Coser一枚(艸 偽娘帥哥都是我的COS(守備)範圍 FB連結:
  • Kai
    ➤這裡是餓餓 (σ・Д・)σ168cm/51kg ➤「失智」是我的代名詞 ➤喜歡各式獵奇黑暗的題材 ➤主要舊番、男角與BL為主 ➤搭檔什麼的都大大大歡迎呦♥ 有機會的話還希望能夠認識大家ヽ(´∀`●)ノ Plurk:kathy86319← 歡迎戳戳我 FB粉專: - Hi there, this's 餓餓, a cosplayer from Taiwan, you can call me Kathy as well. I hope you will like my photos! If you don't mind, I'm really want to know new friends who love anime and cosplay, too♥ This's my new page on Facebook, I will share my cosplay there.↓↓↓ Plz feel free
  • Taiwan
    Plurk: facebook: Weebly: 會英語和國語,但英語不擅長 只是新手一枚,玩cos不到一年,請多多指教,謝謝! 請給我們一個讚,謝謝! I can speak English and Chineese,but I'm not good at English. Please give us a like,thank!
  • Taiwan
    安安☆ 這邊是鴿子呦☆ 目前主要坑的都是男角這樣☆ LINKS ☞Weibo ☞Facebook
  • Spain
    ♥Deviantart♥ ♥ Youtube ♥ ♥ Facebook ♥ If you watched me in Deviantart, please you confirm me in a comment ;_; I wish watch every cosplayer but I can not always see all watchs. Thank you for understand.
  • Malaysia
    さあ、振り切るぜ! I'm the one who break limits over the Nexus. I'm the one who is ready to accel towards the future of our world. I'm the one who is willing to be friends with everyone. My name is Muhamad Faiz Danyal. (A.K.A. The Nexus Accelerator) And I will elliminate all targets!! Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: faizdanyal Vkontakte: Instagram: @faizdanyal
  • Indonesia
    Official Page : Twitter: Ask Me in : "YoRefa is Everyone's" Alliance in order to maintain some level of peace among his admirers. Try to Solve Problem With "integrity" Bravery is The First you can do it ^_^ Let's Handle it Together ! Nothing But... Help Each Other ^_^ is My Best Ways To Live..... 很高興認識你www
  • Honduras
    Hi everybody!!! :3 Nice to meet you I'm 23 years old, i'm cosplayer and cosmaker for three years and gamer of mmorpg and rpg xD I like anime and manga of horror, mistery, Gore, shojo, classic and manhwa My anime and manga favorite are: death note, claymore, Shingeki no kyojin, skip beat, girls of the wilds, nana, Uzumaki, Dr. Slump, akame ga kill, galaxy express 999, chobits, Saint Seiya, ect xD Thanks you so much for you visit n_n
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
    歡迎FinalFantasy同好搭訕 PLURK: 天空: