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seiki (Seiki Ren)
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  • United States
    I am new too World Cosplay. So, most of my pictures are not taken by anything special except for my phone and computer. I am sorry the quality of the photos I post are not perfect. I have fun though cosplaying with the outfits I have. I will try to get my photos looking better soon. You will probably see a lot of cosplays of Trish, but she is sort of my alter-ego. In the future I will see what other characters I can cosplay as.Hope you enjoy my pictures. ^-^
  • Spain
    Hi, I'm not a good cosplayer, but it's very funny, >//^//< ... and this is my DA and my youtube canal - and my tumblr
  • Singapore
    IG: {} IG: {} Facebook: {} Hello! Welcome to my page! ^^ Konnichiwa desu~ Im MAYUMI SG cosplayerr Cosplaying since 2014 >< Yoroshikuu nee~
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
    請大家多多指教~~ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ † Coser : 幻月 亞夢 (幻月 あむ / Gendzuki.Amu) † 身高: 160cm † 體重: 49kg † 居住地: 台灣 Taiwan † 興趣: Cosplay、繪畫、唱歌、動畫、手工、電玩 † 喜歡的風格: 唯美、歌德、優雅、簡約 † 喜歡的作品: DATE.A.LIVE、東京喰種、七大罪 † Facebook fan: Hello everyone ~~ My name is Amu, is a Taiwanese cosplayer. ~ Amu個人のWorld Cosplay~ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
  • Indonesia
    Hi I'm Rikku...cosplayer and visual kei musician from indonesia start cosplay since 2010 i have a dream to cosplaying all cosplay genre and i'm trying to do Nice cosplay with both female and male characters but now my main interest actually in crossplay (^_^)v Facebook : Email : Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu minna!!!
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Taiwan
  • Viet Nam
  • Malaysia
    Hi, I am a Chinese cosplayer (>人<;) Date of first cosplay : 31 of March 2015 Favorite type of anime : yaoi , action , romance, doujinshi , comedy Support me ,don't be shy \(//∇//)\ 您好,我是华侨COSPLAYER(>人<;) 第一角色扮演日期:3月31日 2015年 喜欢的类型动漫:YAOI,动作,浪漫,同人志,喜剧   支持我,不要害羞\(//∇//)\
  • Viet Nam
    My world >.<
  • Thailand
  • Thailand
    Hi! I'm Ritsu .
  • Malaysia
  • Ray
    Hi,Nice meet you all This is Ray and hope you like my cosplay 歡迎同好私下交流!!!! Fb: Email: Plurk:http: 半次元: Main cosplay:Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Others cosplay of this year: Psycho-Pass Tokyo Ghoul Zone-00 Lord of Ring 飆速宅男 刀劍亂舞