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小静爺爺 (Shizu Ojichan)
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  • United States
    Ayo ^^ My name is Alison and I've been cosplaying for about 3-4 years. I am based out of the Chicago area. I mostly cosplay sport animes or genderbents or a combination of the both. My favorite animes are Hetalia, Haikyuu!!, Free!, and Kuroko no Basuke u w u Instagram- @Alison.senpai Cosplay Amino- Alison-Senpai Tumblr- americutie Art/Cosplay Tumblr- sugar-wara
  • Taiwan
    【Plurk】 【Blog】 【More Photo】 【Facebook】
  • Germany
    This is a partner-account! I (Usagi), and Yui cosplay together for 3 years! We love cosplay! ♥ And we hope you like our photos! ♥ ✂------------------------------------------------------------- Follows us on: ■ FACEBOOK: ■ Usagi: • Animexx: _Usagi_ ■ Yui: • Animexx: Yuiii Have fun ♥
  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
    大家好~这里是来自马来西亚的cosplayer~ 虽然是说2013年踏入cos圈,不过我真正的cos龄不是很高 >A< 还请大家多多指教~谢谢ww
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
    I-It's not like i want you to notice me or anything. B-Baka! >~<
  • Taiwan
    我是嚴重中二病一米六三的小腐貓 :))
  • Canada
  • Mexico
    Cosplayer en progreso, artista incomprendida, amante de la música, otaku y un alma altamente soñadora... ♥ se trata de liberarnos a nosotros mismos.... Cosplayer in progress, misunderstood artist, music lover, otaku and highly dreamy soul ...<3 it is to find ourselves ...
  • Malaysia
    请各位多多指教(>^ω^<)喵~ 我不太会说话....算是比较怕生的类型吧..? 不过最喜欢是final fantasy 系列和王国之心了 >w<~~ Please exhibitions...—///— 也希望各位可以来这网页【cure No】 327954
  • Malaysia
    Jia Le here ! A newbie cosplayer from Malaysia who just started my journey on March 2015 :) 大家好 我是来自马来西亚的佳乐! 刚在今年三月踏入角色扮演的旅程 /(^o^)/
  • Malaysia
    Hello everyone, my name is Doll ~ yoroshiku ~ ~ I am a Malaysia cosplayer >w< I wish can recognizing many friend ^^ Thank you~~ facebook page: 大家好,我叫娃娃,请多指教~~ 我是马来西亚的coser >w< 希望能认识很多朋友,谢谢~~
  • United States
    I'm 24 years old. Transboy. (Accept most pronouns still he/him, she/her, they/them.) I'm a noob cosplayer but am very interested in doing it much more often when I can afford it. Since right now I'm too poor to afford the stuff, I only do amateur cosplays or closet cosplays for fun. I'm very shy but like meeting people, and whatever IDK. Hablo español tambien.