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  • South Korea
    25/女/KOREA/twitter > @Star_TR_delight
  • Tov
    koniciwa minna! watashi wa tovee ramos deshi! cosplayer from the philippines. please do take a look at my portolio :-) hope to meet some cosplayer out there :-) for more info pls do check my fb account :-) fb page.
  • Philippines
    newbie desu! take good care of me hahaha :D FB: group page:
  • Brazil
    From Sao Paulo, Brazil. 21 years old Cosplayer about 8 years. Gamer, musician, red haired, jazz dancer and pole dancer. and I'd love to upload photos of more cosplay but the caracthers aren't listed by the site yet u__u
  • jyh
    HI and hello.. ^_^/ Im joyah i love cosplay and meeting new cosplayers..:) I hope you guys like my cosplay...:) and if you do....thanks im gald that you like my cosplay..:) (~ ^ . ^)~ me and ill ~(^ . ^~) you..:3 if you need anything just contact me..:)(links below) my other accounts..:) my page..XD my weheartit acount..XD my cure account..:3
  • Philippines
  • Chi
    ♦ ♦ Chi ♦ ♦ I ♥ ΛΘ©α£ΘĩĐ I ♥ ANIME & YAOI I ♥ MANGA I ♥ COSPLAY I ♥ PHOTOGRAPHY I ♥ FANFICS Deviantart: Cure:
  • Russia
    Hey-ho. I'm just a gamer,homestuck, last-exile-fanatic, clover, crafter and art-student :3 You can find me here: My deviantart my twitter!/AkaiRitsuka my tumblr my cure cos my cosplay com my main blog you can ask me anything here
  • Philippines
    Hello! I am mainly a photographer for cosplays but I also sometimes join in the fun ^w^
  • Finland
    Some nolife from Finland who has made costumes since 2006 You can mainly find my cosplay pictures from my deviantART
  • Finland <= Here more Cosplay photo and shoot :) I'm so lazy upploading here photo.. I'm so sorry abaut this. D: <= and my Tumbrl (It's booring place.. no cosplay..but my video project.. sometimes.)
  • Sol
  • Philippines
  • Philippines
  • Yi
    Hong Kong
    Hello everybody! I'm a cosplayer from HongKong~ Love playing computer games and eating(?) はい皆さん、こんにちは~~ 好きな事はゲーム、音楽、漫画…甘い食べ物は大好き♥ ボカロファンです。(KAITOは本命!がっくんは嫁~海外組のLeonも好きです) 這裡是雜食物種狑owo/ Vocaloid中KAITO是本命TwT然後基本上全員也不討厭.....(海外組喜歡Leon~ 喜歡的動漫畫作品太多不能盡錄orz cure no: 225764 plurk: sillyly blog: facebook:
  • Singapore
    Hi Everyone! I'm Naoya from Singapore. Nice to meet everyone here! decided to open a account again :), Deleted my old account due to some reason, but will be more active on my DeviantArt! If you follow me, I will follow back!!! nice to meet everyone!! For more of my older photos, you can check my Deviantart! @ Facebook Page : Have a great day everyone~!