Orenji (Orenjimaru)
only cosplayed for about 1 year, so here will be alll the backlogs because clearly I havent submitted all of my photos online >8D
except if I decided to cosplay again o/.........

nice to meet you all, dont hesitate to contact me at my CURE (orenjimaru) ,DA (emorenji), tumblr (orenjimaru) or e-mail! (emorenjimaru@gmail.com)
  • WorldCosplay No.23477
  • NicknameOrenji
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionRepublik Indonesia
  • itisntrocketscience
  • Fujiko
  • Kaori
  • Shiina R
  • aomarine
  • Mai
  • Ray
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  • Nizhan
  • itisntrocketscience
  • aomarine
  • Shiina R
  • 大琪