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The name is Omega. I am a cosplayer out of the USA, state of Ohio in the Cleveland area. I primarily cosplay as ninjas. Either from anime or movies or my own personal creation of a ninja. I like to do characters no one else has and sometimes add my own unique twist onto it. So hope you like what you see, I shall update as much as I can



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  • Yumiking Cosplay
  • 앙블리
  • Devil文
  • San Chan
  • Noemi y Marco
  • Cytheria Li
  • Sunymao
  • Yumi Onna
  • Kyra Peterson
  • Tony
  • 潔 [Jie]
  • 桔梗
  • Seras Victoria
  • Yumi Onna
  • Cytheria Li
  • ☆こゆき☆