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    Hi, My name is Giovanna Sayuri (call me Sayu) I'm a Cosplayer since 2012, but i make only 3 cosplays... For now! I'm 15 years old (yes, I'm too young ...) My favorite animes: Oh god, is much to put in here, but I love Suspense, Terror, Comedy and Action animes. My favorite Bands: Well, i love rock and J-rock, like as Kamelot, Yousei Teikoku, One Ok Rock, A7X, LinkinPark, Nightwish, Helloween, and... Oh well, and much much more...
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    juz a simple guy from Myanmar who love Cosplays~
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    Yo! ~ ◕ ◡ ◕ I'm Sim from Vietnam. D.O.B : 12/10 Hope you enjoy my cosplay. ~ (´・ω・`) THANKS A LOT FOR VISITING !!! ~ ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
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    FB page: CureCosplay: Been to Anime North for the past 5 years~ ^^ I want to go to Comiket and Anime Expo someday... It will be a long time until I'll be able to go to faraway places by myself though... But I want to travel and go to Anime Conventions all around the world! 私コスプレが大好きです!別の人に返信するはとても楽しいだと思います(´・ω・`) 今自分で日本語を勉強します…凄く難しいですでもがんばります…wwwww いつか必ず日本に行く! よろしくお願いします!
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    Hello :D *waves* It's nice to meet you guys, I'm Sasusu, 15 years old :D I wanted to upload my cosplay pictures on a website besides Facebook and deviantArt, so i landed on this page :3 I hope everyone is gonna be nice and i also hope you enjoy my pictures :D okay then, feel free to watch through my Cosplay gallery :3 ^_____^ Like me on fb: and/or Watch/Fav me on dA:
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    Bloodtype B Libra Indonesian Linguist Model Fanfiction writer Wanna keep in touch? Facebook : dA : askFM :
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    Hi ya! I'm HaShi "HaShi" mean "Harry" and "Shiro" ^^ Nice to meet U :D
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    Hi all, I'm Reize! Hajimemashite! ^^ I started Cosplay in June 2012 and I have been loving the craft ever since! Add Me on Facebook, I'd love to be friends with you all! Just click on that Facebook Profile link above :)