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    Novice Cosplayer Started cosplaying in 2012. Nice to meet you!
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    Hello, pleased to meet you! :D Started cosplaying in AFA 2011~ ^^ FB page @ Hataraku Maou-Sama! cosplay PV @
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    hello! i'm misha~ cosplayer from texas! it's nice to meet you~ Facebook: Tsurupettan Cosplay dA: rollypops Tumblr: mishacchi
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    I just love working on interesting costumes or on fanart' based work... That's all! ^_^
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    Hiiii! My name is Jaqueline Rando and I am a cosplayer from Brazil. I'm still ''young'' in this world, I started in 2009. I have many plans for this year and I hope I finish them all soon. Welcome and enjoy! Facebook Page:
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    Yo~ Ow0)/ Hi there, thanks for dropping by! I'm Dom, just a normal cosplayer from Singapore Nice to meet you! ---> Twitter: ---> Facebook: