Salso Harmonia (Salvatore De luca)
  • Italy
    Hi people! My name is Celeste, and I'm from Italy. I'm a really sadistic / ironic / cynical / sarcastic / girl. My friends say that I act like a Goth-Lolita Yandere btw... I'M NOT A LOLI. e///é *blushes*. Meh, what can I say... IDK IM A CAT.
  • Japan
    日本のまんなかで活動中 音 也 が す き だ Nice to meet you. Archive:
  • Any
    Anastasia/13/Italy. Anime, Manga, Videogames! ~~ ~COSPLAY DONE: ~Haruhi Suzumiya ; TMOHS ~Rachel Alucard ; BlazBlue ~Rachel Alucard FanArt vrs. ; BlazBlue ~Virgo ; Fairy Tail ~Lizzie Liddell ; Alice Madness Returns ~Monomi ; SDR2 ~Sonia Nevermind ; SDR2 ~Sayaka Maizono ; DR ~Mako Mankanshoku ; KLK ~Hiyoko Saionji (Beach!Queen) ; SDR2 ~Kyoko Sakura ; PMMM ~WIP/WISHLIST ~Idol!Sayaka Maizono ; DR ~Aoba Seragaki ; DMMd
  • Italy
    Heil everyone. I'm Alexis, an italian girl. I love the Pokémon World, in particular Team Rocket. Have a nice day.
  • Macao
    Album: Cure: 123917 Hello, here is Yami~ A cosplayer from Macau^^ Nice to meet you!>w< よろしくお願いしますー☆
  • Brazil
    Hello everyone ^ω^!
  • Taiwan
    Hello, I'm kurumi from Taiwan. Nice to meet you, ... FaceBook:
  • Spain
  • Argentina
    Mis cosplays son hechos por mi y algunos prestados , pero son solo mios jeje
  • Italy
    I sing act and paint .and I love cosplaying and create too
  • Japan
  • China
    cn饼饼/弥酥。。。嘛随意啦╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭ モチモチです~よろしくお願いします~ 微博 人人 FB
  • Rei
    Hi, everyone! I'm Russian cosplayer Rei, you can also know me as Malro-doll. I'm glad to share my works with you, hope you like it! ^__^ Official fanpage of our team on facebook - You can also watch me here
  • Mexico
    Hi I am a Mexican cosplayer and I do this because I like and it's fun, I like doing stupid things with my friends and some are on my youtube channel and I cosplay characters with which I am identified
  • Thailand
    >< Hi!!! I'm Pin. Nice to meet you.♥
  • Hong Kong