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  • Italy
    Cosplay Photographer (Improving) You can follow me also on: Facebook ---> Deviantart ---> Instagram ---> Twitter --->
  • Mexico
    Hello! My name is Daniel and these are some of my work as a cosplayer, I hope you like it will not be the best, but I enjoy making them much....(^-^)
  • Philippines
    Hi. I'm Sarielle. Hope to be friends with you guys. ^_^ Facebook: Deviantart(s): , and Cure Cosplay:
  • Italy
    hello! my name is mary and I come from Italy., I'm 24 and I love anime, manga and video games, these my passions have led me to start making cosplay ^ _ ^ I hope you enjoy my work! <3<3<3
  • Mexico
    hola todo hermosas Cosplayers mi cospaly fui desde 2010-no se mas futuro jajaja ok me gusta mucho mis cosplay,musica Kpop-Rock y J-pop-Rock,TW-pop,Rock etc,me gusta mucho Dance de Kpop,vi a la TV Anime,Doramas y Comic,me gusta hizo nuevo cosplay,yo quiero ire con mis amigos-cosplayers,me gusta Dibujo,cocina korea y japones,estudie idiomas ya listo:Coreano,Japones,Ingles,Frances,Taiwan,Tailandia.,me gusta estudie listo Fotografia:Viajes-Cosplays-Comida-Socios ok XD Mucho gracias por te agrega
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  • China
    Hello((≧(≧▽(≧▽≦(≧▽≦)≧▽≦)▽≦)≦))) _(:3」∠)_ 大家好这里是魍妖骴。←是个喜欢化妆的家伙。 weibo: Welcome to communication with me VR!Gothic!ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ┯━┯.. 更新夜幽祭社团相关cos 夜幽祭成员 【魍妖骴】【殇亦宸】【血翼】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】
  • Russia
    Bunny GO Round!
  • Philippines
    Hi, YukiBocchan Here. I am from Philippines, I Started Cosplaying since year 2011, I may not be a perfect cosplayer but i shall try to improve it. ^_^ and I can be your good friend. I most do female cosplay but i tried doing male cosplays too. (*≧▽≦) I do really love animes especially Black Butler. ❤ Other Accounts: Thank you for being my friend, love, YukiBocchan❤
  • Italy
    Hello there!(•ω•)/ I'm a Cosplayer since 2011! ^O^ I'm studying Japanese and Korean at University, and I'm in love with culture and fashion of these two countries x3 Facebook --->!/pamela.garavaldi Instagram ---> Twitter ---> Hope you like my Cosplay~☆
  • Indonesia
    FaceBook : Rithza Sazami ( Twitter : @RithzaSazami Sankyuuu for follow me :") Next Time I will be Cosplayer ^~^/
  • United States
  • Taiwan
    2014年 今年是重要的一年,對於選擇角色的心態上我有了新的一些想法 新的一年希望從年底回首今年不會有遺憾 努力往這個方向去做吧! 最近在積極反省自己選角態度 想要做些自己真的非常喜歡的東西 不要衝動選角,一定要有對角色有燃燒一樣的情感才行 工作與低調至上的隱形人 每天都是填坑日 若是對我的服裝有興趣的話可以搜尋 鏡心工作室Facebook專頁: 從學生時代至今的服裝皆為自己自製 擁有專業證照並且已經從業10年 目前是鏡心家第二代準接班人 說真的,我覺得我在太多blog放照片,導致我根本記不起來許多blog的密碼 因為想做的事太多所以記性越來越差 快把這邊當相本用了.....這樣真的沒問題嗎|||||
  • Lithuania
    Hey Everyone!! My name is Caroline but you can call me Akade ^^ I'm cosplayer from Lithuania and hope you will like my works <3 My Facebook page: Deviantart: Instagram: @kraidxkade