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    facebook: 天空部落格: 平日使用噗浪: 缺推坑同好,歡迎加入喔!!!
  • Viet Nam
    Welcome to my World <(*ΦωΦ*)>
  • Philippines
    hello everyone,i m Nadasa Ren!! but you can call me Ren >..< welcome to chat and make friends with me . I hope you can enjoy my cosplay,I try my best
  • Kai
    United States
    I like cosplay and anime ^^
  • Taiwan
  • JI
    这里是基!(。・ω・) JOJO/HP/網球王子 热衷中!!! Cure WB
  • South Korea
    KOREA 17 Girl Like : Animation photo Costumeplay nice to meet you♡
  • United States
  • Malaysia
    Hello i 'm malaysian cosplayer nice to meet u ^_^ hope your guys like my cosplay~~aligato(TQ) ^_^ i m still improve my cosplay and yorushiku
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    香港からの涙(ルイ)です。 よろしくね♡ Facebook: Akimoto Rui Twitter: RUI_akimoto
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    Kome 米饼 谢谢喜欢的各位>3< 大家的喜欢给我力量继续懒懒的修图和外拍! 最近LOVE ラブライブ 刀剣乱舞 陽炎 黒執事 よろしくお願い ///3/// Kome Here And Nice To Meet You ^^ Thanks and appreciate all the like from you >////< FB连接/Link= Blog连接/Link=