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Matsu Sotome (Kristina)
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  • Thailand
  • Costa Rica
    Hi, I'm Félix. I live in Costa Rica and I am half geek who enjoys doing cosplays, meet people and take pictures. Facebook: Tumblr: Devian: Lets be friends!
  • Taiwan
    新手一個,下次打算出LOL Malzahar :)
  • Malaysia
    Now... I'm not a Cosplayer but just a normal photograhper. This profile will not activate soon.
  • Russia
    Привет. Начинаю свою косплей жизнь с чистого листа. Я косплею с 2011 года, но мои работы не нравятся мне, что бы я с ними не делала. Показываю только лучшие фото любимых работ. В последствии буду делать ориджиналы, мало популярнве фендомы или популярных персонажей, которые мне просто безумно понравились. В шапке страницы весит спойлер к близжайшему костюму.
  • Germany
    Hei^^ My name is Madeline! But you can call me Mappis or Madi. And I'm a german cosplayer since 2008. Most of my costumes are selfmade. I'm also a member of the little german showgroup Vapid Superior. Beside cosplay I also like to take photos. I always try my best and I still have to learn a lot, but I also want to show you a few of the pictures I took. So please take a look and have fun X3 Facebook:
  • Thailand
    จัดการกับนี้เป็นเวลาสองปี แต่ฉันต้องไปปฏิบัติ
  • United States
    I can do all things in a otaku perspective- cosplay, video games, music, card & board games, and anime & manga reviews. But if there is anything else I do from the outside or inside of the perspective, and want to know more about myself, just ask nicely about me. But don't worry I won't bite... this much... sometimes.
  • Russia
    Hey!my name is Evgenia. I am a cosplayer from Moscow.. my twitter: facebook: my deviantart
  • Kai
    よろしくお願い致します(★ˊ ˇ ˋ★)
  • Mexico
    Cosplayer en progreso, artista incomprendida, amante de la música, otaku y un alma altamente soñadora... ♥ Cosplayer in progress, misunderstood artist, music lover, otaku and highly dreamy soul ...<3 se trata de liberarnos a nosotros mismos...
  • Ukraine
    Hi. I'm Haru. (´• ω •`) I live in Ukraine, Kharkov. (⌒ω⌒) Study at National University of Radio Electronics (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) I like to do cosplay and oversee the work of others ヽ(・∀・)ノ I will be glad to new acquaintances ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland
    Hi everyone! こんにちは皆 ♥ Cosplay, because we love it! Very simple, very fine. Please enjoy our work~ Kindly regards, Beannshie and Astarte ♥ ✿ facebook page: ✿ twitter: ✿ tumblr: ✿ dA Beannshie: ✿ dA Astarte: ✿
  • Philippines
    Hi, I'm Kei☆ !! ^_^ I Love Anime, Manga and of course Cosplay! O(≧∇≦)O Facebook: Facebook Page: Twitter: