Matsu Sotome (Kristina)
  • Taiwan
    Helloヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 好啦我英文沒有很好還是乖乖打中文比較實際← 照片基本上都是修過的,介意還請離開喔><;; Plurk FaceBook
  • Brazil
    Cosplayer since 2005, Nintendo lover, cosplay lover! It's always nice to meet new people. I wish that you feel welcomed here :) You can also find me here: ▲‌ DeviantART: ▲‌ Facebook:!/pages/Rei-Suzuki/160765994001811 ▲‌ Instagram: ▲‌ YouTube: /
  • Brazil
    PHOTOGRAPHER Visit my other pages
  • Philippines
    Hello everyone! I'm not a cosplayer. I'm just a fan who loves cosplay and cosers (´∀`)♡ I ♥ ANIME & COSPLAY. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu >///<
  • Japan
    Hello, My name is anju♡ Japanese cosplayer.I want to be friends with everyone('-'*) 関西で活動しておりますanjuと申します。やるからにはとことん楽しむがモットー! twitter⇒@abonbon_32 ▽次回参加 3/20 大阪日本橋ストフェス:F6松野おそ松(アイドル衣装)
  • Colombia
    HI! i'm Hikari-chan i am 17 years old! , im from colombia and welcome to my profile , I started in cosplay since 2013 and I am very new to this and hope to improve every day more ♥♥♥ Hola! soy Hikari-chan , tengo 17 años , soy de colombia y bienvenidos a mi perfil. he estado en el mundo del cosplay desde el año 2013 soy realmente nueva en esto pero espero mejorar cada día mas :) :: (\(\ *: (=' :') :* •.. (,('')('')¤°
  • Russia
  • Spain
    Hii minna-san! (≧∇≦)/ Cosplayer and cosmaker, and sometimes I like to design. Hope you like my works >///< If you like my cosplays, please, have a look at my facebook page! º(^-^)º ★ Facebook page ★ ★ Twitter ★ Thanks for your visit and have a really good day ♥ ^u^
  • Thailand
    Hello, I'm Rai-kun. I'm a cosplayer from Thailand. I've been cosplaying since 2011 and I'm a big fan of yaoi. I also believe that cosplaying is an art form that uses your body as a canvas. Everyone has a different canvas, what you do with it is the most important part. Be proud of your canvases and paint it in as many colours as your heart desires. For more of my cosplays, please check out my page here:
  • France
    Please go to visit my page, I need support to progress :D ♥ ♫ ☼ ୭❀ Hi, I'm a french cosplayer ! Nice to meet you ♥ Don't forget to follow me ❀☼ .... .......♠TWITTER♠ : .......♣ FACEBOOK♣ : ... .......♦Tumblr.♦ : Thank you ! I hope you'll like my work.
  • Serbia
    A Serbian dancer and a cosplayer, I hope you will like my work! My fb page:
  • Belarus
    Hi, I'm Vylka! I am a beginner cosplayer from Belarus. I love games, anime, comics and a lot more then. :3 I will be glad to meet you!
  • Mexico
    Hideki Sagara ;) DA: Facebook:
  • Liu
  • Russia
    Hi everyone! I'm russian cosplayer, loving a great number of fandoms. Also i do all my cosplays by myself and enjoy the whole process a lot~ Nice to see all of you here~☆ You can find me here: Instagram - bertranblack
  • Mexico
    Hello my name is Lilian, however I like being told Fairyfuster . I'm a cosplayer of Mexico, so I speak Spanish, but I guess that is English . My facebook page is: I have many cosplays ahead, I also like very much to see the cosplays of others. I think those would be some general data about me, hope to upload at least one picture of some cosplay daily. Thank you.