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  • Italy
    hello guys^^! I'm Gothic Bolas, from Italy!
  • Malaysia
    KOnichiwa! I'm a Malaysian Cosplayer who's currently active cosplaying in the USA! Love anime, cosplay, RPG games, horror/action games! And also an animal lover too! My favourite parts of cosplay are making props and make up! Started cosplaying since 2009! First debut at comic fiesta 2009. Most active anime convention is at Anime expo, Los Angeles convention center, California. Facebook: Curecos:
  • Philippines
    Cosplay Photographer from Philippines Photographer Page: Facebook:
  • Malaysia
  • Argentina
    Hi!!! My name is muni and I live in Argentina: D i love cosplay
  • Japan
    Nice to meet you! Cure archive
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
    Hallooooo~ I'm a Filipino Cosplayer~ <3 DeviantART: Facebook Account: Facebook Page:ღ
  • Philippines
    They love me cause I'm Hot~ They love me cause I'm cold~ They love me cause I'm real~ They love me cause I kill~
  • Mexico
    Hello! I'm Inci Matoi, a mexican cosplayer, I have been doing cosplay for 2 years, I really enjoy this Hobby. I hope you like my cosplays as well the photos.<3 :3
  • Malaysia
  • Spain
  • Malaysia
    you can call me Shero or Shai. Working as Photographer, DIgital Artist, Graphic Designer, 3D Artist.
  • Nat
    Como vou fazer meu primeiro cosplay este ano já criei este profile,farei daqui um diário para mostrar o crescimento...então espero que me ajudem muito aqui ^^ Arigatou!! Minna!!!
  • United States
  • Philippines
    Greetings eveyone! I'm James Ryan from the Philippines, and I'm a photographer. My online name is jrjsiaron. I love animes and mangas with a passion! I hope I can share these with everyone through my photography :) Check out my other accounts