Maho Shojo (Cris)
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    Hi! I am Miu and my name cosplay is Calypzo. I'm from Thailand Please to meet you all :D You can follow my Facebook >> ...Thanks a lot for follow me and like my picture <3 love ya...
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    CN:林玥玥です Taiwan coser(台湾のcoser Know some Japanese(日本語を少し知っている Here is my contact information.⬇️(これは私の連絡先です。 ➺ IG/Twitter :@0w0linyue ➺weibo:林玥玥0w0 ➺page: Looking forward to communicating with you. あなたとの交流を楽しみにしています*ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚
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    よろしく!♥ 【Instagram】 【Twitter】 【Ko-fi】 【Deviantart】
  • Brazil
    Producer and photographer from Brazil.
  • Hong Kong
    Facebook page :
  • India
    Lighting Director Limited provides lighting services for the television industry and is run by Lighting Director, Andy Stagles. It also has a large range of professional lighting equipment and is a BBC approved supplier for the supply of lighting equipment and crew – including dry hire.
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    大家好!我是 翼空 !現居新加坡的芋頭蕃薯載仔~ 請大家多多指教~ Hello! I'm Juliko Azolino, currently based in Singapore cosplayer and artist! CosFB: ArtFB: Instagram: @iko.cosplay Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you! Deep appreciation for like/follow my worldcosplay here and my fb <3 I can speak English and Chinese, so please feel free to drop me a message! Love <3
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    Hello everybody! I'm a beginner cosplayer from Russia (ﻭ˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ I love different cute things and lolita style. Sorry for my English! Nice to meet you ♡ ~('▽^人) My links: ♢ Instagram: ♢ VK:
  • Brazil
    Hello, My name´s Anderson, I´m a brazilian cosplayer I hope you enjoy my cosplays Thanks, Salamander cosplayer
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    Hi, I'm Grégory-cosplay. I'm from France and I enjoy cosplaying since 5 ans I'm a otaku. I do all of my costumes and hope you will like them ! Facebook:
  • Chile Instagram: @Daniel.miranda2002