Midgard Wolf (Otsoa Koblakari)
My name is Ignacio. I am 29 years old.

I started as a cosplayer and cosmaker in October 2006.I don't have ​​too many cosplays as you can see, but because I am very special in that way, I need to feel a connection with the character.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work of which I am proud. They may not be perfect, may not be known, but I hope you can appreciate the effort and the evolution and complexity of them.

See you around! May the Moon light your way!!
  • WorldCosplay No.3283
  • NicknameMidgard Wolf
  • Gender Male
  • Country/RegionRepública Argentina
  • グレキ
  • Ángel Gabriel Wolff
  • Aria Hellflare
  • Laa_Laa
  • Ale Diri
  • Antonio Peres
  • Okami Senseii
  • Celeste Tapia
  • Eze Lía
  • Aria Hellflare
  • Liru
  • Okami Senseii
  • Celeste Tapia